We open to a baby abandoned at a hotel or apartment complex. Katy is talking about origin stories. I don’t mean the comic book ones. We come to rest on her and she is in bed with Guy.

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Alexander and Josie pulled an all-nighter and talk a little about Pepper. Alexander is worried. Josie is defending her friend. I have a bad feeling about Pepper and her bs. When Josie gets home, Jorge breaks the news about his parents giving them a break on the rent. He tries for a job at Lacy’s but ends up go-go dancing instead. Josie meets with Pepper. She tells Pepper that Alexander wants his money back and Pepper laughs it off but assures Josie that Alexander and her CFO can go over the ledgers. Josie asks about Hannah and Pepper admits to knowing her but says Hannah is the liar and thief. Pepper just asks Josie to keep everything to herself. Pepper doesn’t want Jorge or Katy to look at her the way Josie is.

Katy has a dress picked out for Pepper to pick up. Katy is called away by Guy and Pepper is alone in the room with a bunch of really high priced handbags. With Alexander’s text that came in while she was standing there, she pocketed one of those purses. I was wrong. Jorge did take the job at Lacy’s. Pepper was at least not arrogant enough to bring the purse back to Lacy’s for a refund. She fenced it. The purse has already been missed. Jorge is able to give his father a wad of cash. His father didn’t want to take it but he did. Pepper’s lies have blown up.

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When Pepper finally breezes in she is met with stony faces. Katy, Jorge, and Josie are worried and pissed. They demand answers. They call her out on her lies. Pepper tries to turn it around on Josie. As Pepper is walking away Katy catches her and asks one more time about the clutch. Pepper reveals she was adopted and then says she felt the need to become who they (Katy and Jorge) wanted. Both walked away from each other crying. The Pepper Plant is supposed to open tonight.

Still fired up over the betrayal by Pepper, Katy confronts Guy about stealing her design. He makes a speech about her being part of the team and this happens all the time. Katy breaks into his cabinet and finds stuff to make a liar out of Guy. Pepper is desperate to make amends for the wrongs she has done. She is trying to get the purse back. Jorge gets caught by his father shaking his booty for cash.

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What does Katy find about Guy? Does Katy get the purse back? What happens with Jorge and his dad? What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…