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We open to the kids being back in school. Gabe tries to talk the kids into studying for the decathlon. Mr. Hernandez comes in with an announcement, all bags must be clear.

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Of course this doesn’t go over well with the students. Gabe tells them about protests. He actually encourages some civil unrest. Abby still isn’t over Danny. When Principal Maddison comes into the teacher’s lounge, she said she approves of the clear backpacks. She wants her school to become an elite school. The students form a protest. Principal Maddison is not amused. She calls Gabe and Mr. Hernandez into her office. Mr. Hernandez really is a miserable person.

Tony is still trying to get Abby interested. He’s trying to help her find a place so he can help her move so he can get closer to her. There is a vacant apartment in Gabe’s building that Tony is pushing towards. All the students have gone back to class except Marisol, Mikey and Grace. Mr. Hernandez takes Grace’s voice away so that she has to use her natural voice to speak and she caves. He threatens to cancel Fort Nite club and Mikey caves. Principal Maddison walks out of her office and Marisol chants again. Principal Maddison agrees not to let Mr. Hernandez be in charge of security. Mr Hernandez asks to keep the clear backpacks. To which Principal Maddison agrees. Marisol is still very unhappy. Marisol explains why and Gabe sides with her.

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Did Marisol win the day? Or did Mr. Hernandez’s backpacks stay? Have you watched Mr. Iglesias? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…