Barry – Listen with Your Ears, React with Your Face

Much to Fuches dismay, Barry, Taylor, and himself are surveying a landing strip a Bolivian drug lord is going to be coming through. They go over their plan to take him out and Taylor continues to put out terrible ideas on how to do that.

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Upon searching their new stash house, Pazar tells Vacha to stop photographing Barry and to leave him alone. He is not to kill Barry, so Vacha takes that as an open invitation to go after Sally.

Moss wakes up at Cousineau’s house and she tells him that their relationship has crossed the line. Cousineau tells her that she’s the one keeping the line there so they can’t get closer.

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At Taylor’s apartment, Barry tries to convince him to take his job over and start working with Fuches. Taylor suggests they kill Fuches and offers him half the money from the stash house to “go live his dreams”. While Barry is using the bathroom, Taylor shoves the money in his backpack but forgets to put Cousineau’s book back in the bag.

At the class, Barry finds the cash, which he hides in the bathroom ceiling. He and Sally do their scene, this time with Sally as Lady Macbeth. Barry overacts and Cousineau has them do a repetition exercise with the words, “I love you.” Talk about awkward.  Barry realizes he’s lost Sally.

With Cousineau still on the mind, Moss takes the actor photos down from the suspect wall, and the other detectives applaud her for finally “seeing the light.”

After class, Sally asks Cousineau if she can play Macbeth, not Lady Macbeth. Eventually, Cousineau agrees but tells her that she needs to try to be a team player sometimes instead of always trying to go at it alone. While they are talking, Vacha scans the theater. When Sally leaves, Vacha follows her out, bumping into Moss, who is looking for Gene. Moss stops him, realizes he sounds like a Russian and after Vacha fires at her, she kills him.

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Moss shows her partner the cash she found in the bathroom. She doesn’t know how it got there but knows for sure that someone at the acting class has something to do with all of this.

Despite Barry’s insistence on doing the job alone, Taylor arrives at Barry’s hotel with Vaughan and Chris, armed and ready to “help.” They drive to the airfield and are ambushed by unknown assailants; Vaughan and Taylor are hit.

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I really enjoyed this episode. Taylor is so funny. Watching him give bad idea after bad idea while they are trying to figure out how to take out the Bolivian’s was hilarious. I think I like the Taylor character so much because we have all met that guy. He’s the dumb jock from high school who has no substance to him. While Barry is at his apartment he is just watching porn the whole time.

I was surprised to see Vacha die because I was sure he was going to kidnap Sally. My thoughts were that was going to be how she and Barry ended up on good terms again. Now I have no idea how that’s going to work.

I really hope Sally turns a corner and eventually does take Cousineau’s advice. She can be such a good character, but her main flaw is one that drives me up a wall. She is only out for herself.

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