How does the third episode of The Gifted hold up? This episode was what we call a “filler” episode. While there were some great movements towards the end, this episode dragged and didn’t deliver the kind of punches the previous two episodes did.

eXodus opens with a great flashback – which I hope is a theme that carries across this whole season. The flashbacks are nice nuggets of character development which could have easily gone to the waistline. Though some of the subplots could use some work – speaking of which,  I couldn’t really couldn’t get into Turner and Reed subplot of tracking the mutant underground…and while we did get to spend some more time with Turner, this whole subplot was a bit too predictable for my taste.  Reed’s change of heart was recognizable right away and felt this was just a waste of an episode. I think more of this screen time should have gone to Polaris. But she did get some time to shine in this episode.  I did find Caitlin visiting her brother to be very interesting and needed for her to fully understand how mutants are truly seen by most individuals. I think if anything we’ll get a different Caitlin from here on out, which is one of the few positives of the episode.

This episode didn’t really pick up till the last 15 minutes. In that span we get a mutant hate group, Polaris escaping, Dreamer using her powers in a questionable manner and Andy letting his rage get the best of him. This episode could have been better if all those things were spread across evenly and not all cram-packed into the end of the episode.  Unfortunately, we get an uneven mess that is mostly just filler.  However, I did rethink the ending a bit, and I can’t help to feel that phone call for Turner is going to lead to something important. What’s more is, I got the feeling from ending that we might start seeing a darker Andy in the episodes to come. Overall this is easily the weakest episode so far but I’m hoping its nothing but up from here. I’m hopeful we see more of a darker Andy and revisit Dreamer’s choice to use he power in this episode. I think that could be something special if handled right.