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We open to the last day of summer school. Gabriel is excited because all they have completed summer school. All that is left to do is the oral report. Lorenzo and Walt are exceptionally thick skulled. Grace is planning on doing her oral report through the computer.

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Carlos is a horrible teacher. He is excited to “counsel out”, rather kick out, students who are doing poorly. Gabe has plenty of material to bag on him with. Gabe asks another teacher, his friend Tony, to grade his students because Carlos made it so Gabe can’t grade his students. Carlos agrees for $20. Gabe says he would have given him $40. Abby comes into the teachers lounge with flowers from her fiance, Danny, “for no reason”. The other teachers give her a hard time. Carlos gets out grading by asking in front of Carlos and the principal, Paula, if he can give his grades now or if he has to listen to the kids. Abby is nominated to grade them.

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At lunch Abby goes out to have lunch and runs into Paula. Abby starts getting texts from Danny and then finds out her friend Lindsey from bible camp is in the message thread too. Intimate pictures were shared.

When Abby comes into the room for the oral report, you can tell something isn’t quite right with her. Her demeanor has changes as has her posture and over all look. Marisol does well. Walt and Lorenzo even appear to do OK but Mikey bombs completely. It’s not completely his fault. He kind of lost his head when Abby was trying to make herself more comfortable in light of everything that happened at lunch. I’m not saying it her fault either but I know when I see an exceptionally fine specimen of human doing something I find sexy, I go brain dead for a few minutes too. In any case, Mikey runs out in the middle of the report because he knows he bombs and is afraid he is going to CCC aka Alcatraz High.

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Gabe tries to get Abby to understand and grade according but she sees everything in black and white. When they get to the principal’s office Abby is conflicted. She graded him “from the heart” because she knows she accidentally distracted Mikey. It was higher than the performance deserve. Mikey is granted a retest because even Carlos could understand the distraction.

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Did Mikey pass the retest? Did Gabe’s class pass? What do you think of this show? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…