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We open to We open to cheerleaders dancing on stage. Gabe, Principal Maddison and Mr. Lopez are off in the wings. It’s a pep rally and Gabe get the students going.

After the pep rally Gabe and Tony are going to the teacher’s lounge. The teachers are talking trash about the Polly Tech team. Of course, Abby throws a wet towel on it. Gabe points out that teaching the kids. Principal Maddison talks about a body suit with cones.

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Back in class, Gabe asks Rakeem (the star football player) for his assignment which he does not have. He ends up giving Rakeem an extention due to pressure from the class. He didn’t want to. Marisol is not happy. She wants a level playing field.

The teachers in the lounge are far too happy to let Rakeem slide. Gabe and Abby think they should focus on the school work. Grace is talking much more now. Gabe finally puts his foot down when Rakeem is unkind to Marisol. Rakeem is not playing in the game against Polly Tech this week.

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Everyone is angry at Gabe. Gabe and Mr. Lopez are actually on the same side this time. Even principal Maddison is giving him hard time. When Gabe and the coach sit down and talk, Coach ends up showing his own stupidity.

Did Rakeem turn in his paper after all? Did Wilson win the game? Let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…