A new show is available on Netflix and it is perfectly dark and cringey.  British humor at its finest is seen in the new Sick Note series.  To make it even more appealing Rupert Grint ~Ron Weasley~ is the main character and Lindsay Lohan joins the cast in season two.

The show is about a man, Daniel, whose life is spiraling out of control, and then he gets news that his fake injury to get out of work is actually terminal cancer.  The diagnoses is false but because people all of a sudden treat him better he decides to fake having cancer.

Then out of the blue Daniel comes home early to his best friend in his house after sleeping with his girlfriend.  The friend manages to climb out of the window unseen but overhears Daniel talking about how he doesn’t have cancer and stupidly calls him out on it while hanging onto a pipe outside the window.  Daniel tries to explain himself but his friend falls to the ground and is presumed to be dead.

The show is dark but the ever changing plot keeps you guessing.  With the amount of content out there it is hard to truly make something that a viewer won’t see coming and this show did a fantastic job.

The first two seasons are available on Netflix now.