Looks like we’re getting close to the end for this month’s round of furry artwork. Last time, we had some rather dynamic fantasy-based art. This week is a little bit more of a grab bag as far as themes and genres go, but as always, it’s really great work.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve got this week, starting with:

7. A Female Robin Hood


Teranen went on a bit of a gender-bending kick this past week, taking a few Disney favs like Chip and Dale and turning them into female versions. It seems like good ol’ Robin Hood wasn’t spared from this, with the artist making the note that she’s not really too fond of Maid Marian.

I really like this take on the character, it’s very cute. But I like some of the changes they added as wll, such as how you’ve got those open-paw boots, and the little miniskirt that’s underneath the tunic.

6. Dance of Fire

dance of fire

When done right, fire is always a visual treat to see in artwork. Especially how Son2j does it in this piece, with the fire staves swishing and swinging and the trail of fire following them. It’s so splashy and intense, adding some nice momentum and action to the piece.

The dancer also plays into this idea, with her hair somewhat flowing in the wind along with her tail. That, and she admittedly looks cute so that’s always a bonus.

5. Taking Back Darkshore


I really need to brush up on my World of Warcraft lore, because I had to Google what Darkshore was, but given the style of the characters and art, I had a felling it was WoW-related. Regardless, the heavy blue/turquoise colors in this piece make it instantly eye-catching, especially when grouped with that dark blue and purple background.

Speaking of style, I love how this piece is, it oozes with style.

4. Azzi IA

Azzi IA

Coming in at #4 is this really nice piece by Tofu93. First off, the shading done on this piece is phenomenal – I love how you can see the little spots of sun on him. It really sells the piece as being set in the middle of a forest somewhere. If you look in the background you can see even more sunspots. Also, I really dig the choice of eye color. It just works so well with all the other colors and shadings.

The glowing flowers add a nice fantasy touch to the scene as well.

Some neat pictures so far! Let’s check out some honorable mentions for this week, starting with:


Talk about mind blowing!

Peaceful Meadow

Sometimes you gotta stop and just have a peaceful moment.

r/furry - Deer and Wolf [by rikukuchi]

I can’t escape the Beastars fan art it seems – but heck this one’s pretty good!

Epic Trio

I love the emotions and moods each one has.

Soft Nights and Fairy Lights

How can you not like this adorable piece of chibi art?

r/furry - Forest Dragon [Art by Me, @dragon_dazzling on Twitter]

I’m really digging the green hues in this.

r/furry - I Love My Teddy! (@silverfox5213)

And Silverfox closes out the honorable mentions with yet another too cute for words piece!

Some pretty adorable pieces serving up as honorable mentions this week! Now, let’s get into the top three, starting with…

3. Virtual Intensity

Another beat saber-theme picture kicks off the top three! And we’ve got some kind of ooze monster, which is a theme here and there on recurring artist Carnival’s FA – don’t worry though, it’s good SFW monster fun. But as one comment on the original post mentioned, Carnival’s really good at doing water-based or ooze-based drawings.

It’s also a very dynamic picture – I love the copped blocks flying around, as well as the color trails following the sabers. Hopefully, she’s not getting ooze everywhere as she swings away at those blocks.

2. Primadonna


Coming in at #2 is the second appearance of Crym on the top three, who previously won the top spot for the first week of June 2020. If there’s one thing that I feel Crym does well, it’s invoking a sense of mysticism with some of their art. I mean, how can you not get a sense of that with the purple eyes and symbols here and there around the image?

Having our blue and white rabbit friend sitting on the earth with a crown kinda makes me think of The World tarot card, even though the song “Diamonds” by Primadonna was the inspiration – something you can see with the eyes’ irises being diamonds. As an aside, I really like the green trim on her ear and hair tips.

And the #1 pick for this week is….

1. うどん (Udon)


Dan Syron is back at it again with more jaw-dropping art. This time we don’t have a dynamic gun-toting lass, but a very well done scene featuring two characters chowing down on some delicious looking udon.

There’s a lot to like – and take in – when it comes to this one. Plenty of little details here and there (that bottle of Asahi next to the sushi looks good don’t it?) and there are other things here and there that get you interested in both the world and the characters. Did you notice the blue fox has crystal arms that don’t look fully connected? What’s up with that? Why’s the green gal got an eye patch? This art has tons of questions that will hopefully be answered.

Also, check out the source link – Dan put up a video that shows the piece from sketch to finished product. And what a finished product it is! Congratulations Dan, you’re the #1 pick for this week – congrats and well done!

That about wraps it up for this week. Some really cool and interesting pieces this week – and due to how I categorize these in my arcane ways we’ve technically got one more week left of art in July, so let’s see what my furry friends can draw up to finish the month with!