New week, new month, new list of furry art!

And yes, you may like what we have in store. I’m sorry, I had to.

Let’s kick things off with an interesting #7 pick, before I do any more bad month-related puns:

7. The Evilist of Evil

Coming up first is an intriguing piece by Vexstacy. Mainly for two reasons: 1) it’s a male, and I don’t see her draw that too often; 2)this is HIM, from Powerpuff Girls. Yes, that HIM. The evilist of evil; the cruelest of cruel!

Seeing HIM done up as a crawfish is also intriguing, as there’s a real lack of crustaceous characters in the world of furry art. And I feel that Vexstacy captured some of the key aspects of the character, such as his uncanny sense of fashion, coupled with her trademark ability to put almost any outfit or pose on a character and make it look sensual.

6. Elora

Drifting into the #6 spot is this serene picture of Elora, specifically the version of the character from Spyro Reignited.

It’s a very nice, calming piece, with a variety of cute animal critters coming in to listen to Elora play. It’s also a great idea of how to make a piece with no real background interesting. Notice how Kyander utitlizes elemetns like light and shadows to give the piece a sense of place, so it’s just a little more than “characters randomly floating in space”.

5. I Knew Him

It’s hard to not have my inner English Major go off when I see a character looking at a skull, but this piece by Apricot Jackal certainly did it. But this piece has more going on than getting folks to reference Shakespeare.

There’s a real sense of rememberance that’s going on with this piece, conveyed by the heavy shadows and overall expression on the character’s face. That’s what really brought the quote to mind – “Alas, poor Yorick!” is Hamlet remembering an old childhood friend of his.

While there’s no clear story given on who’s skull it is, I’m certain it has some great importance to this character.

4. Circus Ringleader

I tend to like the dramatic, and this circus-themed commission by Jadan certainly fills that niche. A ring of fire is an excellent way to grab someone’s attention, casting some red hot glows on the background that sets up a nice contrast with the cooler colors of the ringleader avian.

That outfit is a spectacle in of itself too, with a nice shade of violet, some breaks of white, and some rather elaborate golden designs and trims. Apparently, this is to be part of a trading card set. I’m sure this will be one plenty of folks will seek out!

Don’t get too burned out, however. We’ve still got our honorable mentions to check out!

Quite the animated set of honorable mentions, right? Now, let’s get onto the top three, starting with:

3. Dragon of the Pierced Tongue

This piece is simply a golden way to kick off the top three!

Bad puns aside, this is a really cool piece, featuring this undead-looking dragon character. Jack Cole’s muted colors and skull-faced draconic creature give this a Gothic-feeling vibe, and all of that gold is simply amusing to look at. Every new pass of this piece I’m picking up on something new, and it’s cool seeing what sort of ornaments and body jewlery he came up with. For example, the wing piercings – that’s definately a new one for me!

2. Vaporeon Day

Splashing onto the #2 spot is this delighful Vaporeon piece by Nilomne. There’s no question about it – this is an adorable Vaporeon! C’mon, don’t you want to bump paws with them?

Nilomne’s piece has more than cute Pokemon going for it, though. I love the blues used throughout this piece, and the aquatic lighting makes for a nice visual treat. Blending partial underwater with partial above water also adds to the visual appeal.

However, this is one battle the Vaporeon won’t win, as we’ve got another mon-contestant for the #1 spot:

1. Ferocious Fire

From top three to #1! Now that’s an evolution for newcomer artist Spareribs! And what a piece it is – this Typholsion is an explosion of sheer awesome. The artist certainly captured raw, raging emotion in the face of the Pokemon, and you can certainly feel the heat with that burst of fire on its back, with strings of fire shooting off – and one even getting close to the camera. Watch the face!

It’s an intense piece that certainly captures not just my attention, but also the #1 pick for this week. Congratulations and well done, Spareribs!

And that brings us to the end of this week’s list of awesome furry art. What did you think of the list? Agree with it – or do you think Vaporeon should’ve splashed their way to the #1 spot? Or, is another piece more deserving? Let me know in the comments down below, and I’ll see you next week for more furry art!