Adventure Time has been a pop-culture sensation since 2010, and as a fan myself, I know when it came time for the adventure to end in 2018, the masses were saddened. Fortunately, the creators of our beloved animated program have brought Adventure Time: Distant Lands to HBOMax. Adventure Time: Distant Lands is similar to Five Short Graybles episodes in which these episodes are centered around one character and their adventure.

The Adventure Time: Distant Lands Comic-Con 2020 Panel consisted of moderator Michaela Dietz, Oliva Olson (Marceline the Vampire Queen), Adam Muto (executive producer), Niki Yang (BMO) and newcomer to the Adventure Time family, Glory Curda (Y5). Throughout the panel excerpts from BMO, the first of the Adventure Time: Distant Lands saga, we see BMO become the sheriff of a strange new world with his new pal Y5. While I did not listen to any of the spoiler content shared within this stream, the cast seemed equal parts excited and shocked to share the ending. It made the idea of obtaining an HBOMax subscription that much more tempting.

Finn and Jake’s story has come to an end, Adventure Time: Distant Lands currently has four episodes planned, BMOObsidianWizard School, and Together Again. However, there was talk from Muto that more events could be in the works, but they also want to end the series on a good note rather than beating a whack poo brain horse. After the discussion of future episodes came some uplifting words of encouragement from Yang, and we got to learn more about Y5. It appears that BMO is there to help unlock Y5’s potential and find her true self.

The stream came to an end when Olson sang a song from her upcoming episode, Obsidian, that Marceline shares with her sweetheart Bonnie. It was a tear-jerker, and I am genuinely excited to see where this relationship takes the two. Overall, this panel left me full of excitement and the urge to make bacon pancakes.