Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art! We’ve got a nice list set up for you this week, mainly composed of mostly familiar artists – but a couple or so new ones to check out and start following.

Let’s begin with the #7 pick:

7. Reading

Starting off this week’s list is this dark, sultry piece by KuroAme featuring what appears to be some kind of cervid. I really like the design of the character, with the recurring pinks in differnt hues and in different spots, from her horns, to the flowers on her dress. Her red eyes are also a nice addition, giving some almost infernal-looking contrast to the rest of her fur and the rest of the room.

6. Ancient Legacy

Wow! This is a pretty awesome way to continue this week’s list! Coming in at #6 is this downright impressive collage featuring all sorts of characters from Brian Jacques’ first Redwall novel. It’s always interesting to see how different artists draw characters from books, and this picture is no exception. Also, is that Cluny the Scourge not looking like a complete psychopath? He looks a little bewildered! Then again, given what he goes through in the story I’m not surprised.

5. Energize

Yifeng LZ rejoins us this week with this really cool commission of this wolf. The bright yellow highlights of their fur realy shines through on this piece, thanks to some heavy shadows and a nice sheen effect on the markings. It also works great with the yellow background effect, which gives a nice yellow shine to the upper part of the character. But it’s not too bright – enough to be noticeable, but dull to not take away from those striking yellow highlights.

4. Milo the Goat

This piece demonstrates that Silverfox can not only make his impish foxes look adorable but also any darn creature they draw. Seriously – this goat is just too cute for words! However, adorable charm isn’t the only thing going well in this piece – those playing cards are a nice design that stands out from the normal deck of cards, and take a look at that revolver and the engraving on it. This commission is a well-done mix of skill and cute execution.

Don’t get too lost in those goat eyes – we’ve got the honrable mentions to check out!

A great variety of honrable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

3. Just Passin’ Through

Starting off the top three is this great alley-side piece by Lushminda. What really works in this piece, aside from the nice, soft, vivid colors, is the difference in personality between the two girls and their respective sides. It’s a great leson in how you can have similiar outfits, but make small changes to the character designs that gives a different sense of personality. This works into the sides of the alley too, with a nice soft purple behind the lioness, and a nice fierce red behind the huksy.

2. The Ascent

Royz hits us once again with another well-done commission. This border collie looks absolutely determined to make this climb, and Royz has brought him to life with some exquisite detail and lots of emotion in a more realistic-style. The knife he’s climbing with is cool as well, with a nice soft blue glow that makes me think of Dungeons & Dragons. The foiliage is really well-done too, and the tall rock pillar in the back and the clouds gives a real sense of height and scale to things.

And now, the #1 piece of this week:

1. Morning, Love

Taking the #1 spot is this adorable, romantic piece by Kyander. There’s so much about this piece that I love – the colors, the colors on the parrot, and the overall mood of the piece. Kyander captured the idea of a sweet, romantic mornig excellently – it’s very adorable and wholesome. Her mastery over limbs really helps with this piece as well, as the pose and actions of hands, feet, and talons can really add to the emotion of a character.

It’s a lovely piece, and a great way to end this week’s list. Congratulations and well done Kyander, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

And that brings another list of awesome furry art to a close. We’re already halfway through June! Crazy to think that this year is already halfway over.

Speaking of thinking, what do you think about this week’s list? Agree? Disagree? Or is there art I missed this week? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!