The month of June is upon us and you know what means – more furry art time! May had some pretty cool pieces so let’s get things started and see what this week has in store.

I’m also shaking things up a little bit this week as well, as I’ve also sourced some art from the furry subreddit, r/furry. If you’re looking for good SFW furry art, or even to yap with other furs, you should check it out!

7. Goddess Methri

Shane Frost is an artist that I discovered recently who has a very interesting style, and always has something interesting to say in his descriptions of his art, usually something insightful or encouraging.

What attracts me to this piece is both the description and the picture itself. It feels very minimalist to me, and it’s a unique style I haven’t seen anywhere else. It also kinda reminds me of Hyper Light Drifer, a wonderful Zelda-like indie game.

6. Everyone Has A Secret Place

Eyes Wings gives us this rather cute couples’ picture for the #6 spot. Couples’ pictures are always nice to see, and I love the implied closeness that these two characters have, given their poses. The clothing and character designs are also really neat, such as the markings on the dragon (?) or the patterns on the girl’s dress. The background looks great too – according to the description it’s supposed to be an old temple.

5. Secret Santa

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of magic? Coming in at the #5 spot is this magical piece by Sidgi featuring this Lynx using magic to pour a drink. I can’t quite place it, but I really like the lynx in this picture – I think it’s the facial expression. It feels very comforting and homely. I also like how the tie matches with his scarf.

Fun fact! This is named Secret Santa as it was drawn for a secret santa event the artist took place in, but who knows, maybe this lynx is doing a bit of his own secret santa with the drink?

4. Finally At Home

Speaking of drinks, looks like we’ve got a party over here on the #4 spot! Who doesn’t like a good party? Ayu Bear Guy delivers quite a fun-looking pic with these two rodents dancing atop a table. Perhaps one of the more interesting artistic choices was making all of the background characters, even the closer ones, silhouettes of different colors. Kinda helps focus you on the action in the center.

So far we’ve got some great art for this first week – now let’s check out some cool runner ups.

Tried Marejai gives us this cute – but heartbreaking – Undertale fan pic.

A really beautiful fantasy-infused dancing pic by Bassworks. Love the way they framed everything here.

Get a load of these two cute gals. Wonder what they’re drinking?

Gotta love a strong squirrel gal! That’s a huge ax too.

Speaking of strong ladies, check out this awesome bouncer lady – did you catch those horns on her arms?

Looks like we’ve got more spell casting powers going on here. I wonder what they’re trying to do?

This is a rather adorable recreation of one of the more touching moments of Disney’s Tangled!

Those were some pretty cool runner up pics. Now, let’s get on to the top three, starting with:

3. Working From Home

Here’s something I think a lot of us can relate to! I actually did a work at home job for a short time myself. Though it wasn’t art.

Valkoinen delivers a picture packed with style and with detail – and a rather pretty vixen on top of all of that. I like how they also went and drew a full-on workstation too. I wonder how many furry artists use a setup similar or exactly like this one?

2. Dragon Magic

Dragon magic
Art by Oskolok5

Who doesn’t like a little magic with their dragons? Casting its way into the #2 spot is this awesome magical picture by Oskolok5. This is a very well done piece – just check out how the dragons have nearly every scale drawn, or all of the rocks (and that small lake) in the background.

It’s simply spell binding, what with the happy faces of the dragon family, the way that the magic lights up the area, and the magical images conjured up by the scroll. Couple that with a set design that gives this an ancient, temple-like feeling and you’ve got one great piece of art!

And the #1 piece for this week is….


1. The Moon

Tarot-inspired art always tends to find its way onto this list at least once a month I feel like – and I always enjoy it when I see it. And Cryrm definitely did not disappoint with this beautiful rendition of The Moon. The amazing character design, the pose, the stars in the background, the well-done shading and light effects, everything about this piece is spectacular.

It’s said that The Moon can represent illusion in a tarot reading, even suggesting that things might not be appearing as they seem. I wonder if any of that is playing into this image? But I’ll leave that for you to decide – part of the fun of Tarot readings is deciphering your own meaning from the card after all.

Well done Crym and congratulations! And well done to all of the other artists featured on and off of this list.

I may be using r/furry in the future to source more art for the series as well. I really enjoyed seeing the art offered on there and it’s usually art I don’t see on FA or Twitter – but I guess I’ll consult my cards and see what they have to say first.