It’s time for another round of furry art! Last time we had some neat furry art with some great symbolic undertones, but this week’s got some really strong pieces as well. I had a lot of difficulties choosing the order of things, and in some cases even choosing what pieces made the top seven! Let’s take a look a this week’s picks, starting with:

7. Oh Hey, Didn’t See Ya There!

r/furry - Oh Hey, Didn't See Ya There! (Silverfox5213)

If it’s super fluffy, super small, and super adorable, you know it’s gotta be Silver Fox. I love how adorable the bat looks, and his stomach looks so fluffy and petable. Those aviator sunglasses are a nice touch too.

Looks like they’re reading something about bats. Hmm…do not eat bats? How could you when they look so darn cute?

6. Punk Hyena Cityscape


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Zorryn on here! While they don’t do drawn at, they do some rather fantastic 3D modeling, and the last time they made the list we got treated to a great cityscape! Also, they do all the modeling themselves – nice job on the fluff!

But you know me – I love night city scapes, and lovely looking ladies, so put them together, do some great modeling, and you’ve got a place on the top seven! If you check out the original post you’ll also be able to view an alternate day time version of it.

5. Rest Break

The original post from this had three other pieces, but out of those four, this was the one I liked the best. I love the colors and the design of the uniform, as it’s really eye catching due to the contrasting colors – and then the brighter colors contrast with the panther’s colors.

And the background is breathtaking – the castle in the background is phenomenal.

4. Halloween In July!


Who said you can’t have Halloween in July? I love how energetic this picture has. And there’s a lot of style to it that’s very dynamic. There’s lots of great shading, I love the landscape that the character is in, and those jack-o-lanterns add more fun and energy to the piece.

Before we move on to the top three picks of furry artwork for this week, let’s check out the honorable mentions for this week, starting with:

The Forgotten Garden

Hey look, it’s the return of Defiance, done by Luthien. Guess it’s a small world after all.


I love the “digital sketchbook” concept with this piece – I love the heavy shadows on it too.


This piece is red hot – in more ways than one!


We’re all mad here – don’t get lost or mesmerized by the Cheshire Cat!


I love the style of this, and the scifi designs look really wicked.


I love how cute this is and all of the color splashing around! Make sure to check out the original post – you can see WIPs from start to finish.

Alexa play desperato
Here’s another one that’s just straight up in your face.

These were some pretty good runner ups! Let’s continue on with the top three furry art picks this week, starting with:

3. Ancient Library


Here we’ve got another carosuel of art that was shown on Twitter – a lot of artists with smaller follower counts were posting under #Under10KGang so if you want to find some great small furry and non-furry artists check it out – and this was my favorite pick of the lot. I just love how big, huge, and sweeping this is. There’s just so much to look at and so many details to take in, I feel like I find something new to notice each time. Sort of like how browsing an ancient library would be I suppose.

2. Polearm

Swoosh! Watch out! That spear looks like it means business! Dynamic seems to be the word of the day for this series of pieces, and I love how you can see the trail this neat weapon left as this character zipped it around. It’s such a great action piece that captures the mid-swing great – from the body posture, to the air trail, and there’s even various foilage that got whipped around too. That forest backdrop is also stunning as well.

But, there can only be one top pick for this week, and we see the return of…

1. The 13th Zodiac Dragon Ophiuchus

2021 - The 13th Zodiac Dragon Ophiuchus
It looks like Sixth Leaf Clover is back as the #1 piece again! It’s hard to say no when you make something that’s just this dynamic, powerful, colorful, and all around awesome! Sixth Leaf has actually been doing a lot of “Zodiac Dragons” pieces to tease for their Zodiac Dragons 2021 Calendar (on sale soon!), so it was cool to see this piece as a sort of coming together of everything.

Ophicuchus is an actual constellation too, but it isn’t part of the original 12 zodiac signs. But it seems like there’s a cyclical story about it being “discovered” as the 13th sign. Well there’s no debate in regards to one thing – this is the week’s #1 furry art pick! Congrats and well done Sixth Leaf – I think you’re the first one to have two months as the winner!

And thus another week of awesome furry art picks comes to a close. I hope you all enjoyed the picks for this week as much as I did – I was about ready to use a randomizer to order the list. seriously! That’s how close everything is!

Remember if you want me to find your art, using #Furryartwork on Twitter is a best bet! Follow my art-curation account too – that’s Niko’s Art Curation – to see what I’m looking at on the Twitter side of things. Until the next seven!

Also Sixth Leaf Clover has a neat Kickstarter with 19 days left on it (as of this writing) if you’d like to get your hands on some awesome Zodiac dragon art!