Welcome back to another week of awesome furry art!

I hope you weren’t expecting a whole lot of Christmas-themed art, as we didn’t get hardly any this week. Well, it’s only the first week of December. I’m sure once we edge closer to the 25th we’ll be seeing a lot more merry art.

However, this first pick might not be too merry, but it is related to holiday practices in other parts of the globe:

7. Krampus Centaur

A Krampus centaur? Now that’s unexpected! Krampus is a creature from folk lore, specifically the eastern and western Alpine regions, that’s said to be a dark helper of Saint Nicholas; while the good Saint rewards good children…Krampus punishes the naughty ones.

I’m always interested in how others portray Krampus, as he, or in Forest’s case, she, tends to be not as well known in the yuletide seasons. They definitely made them look dark enough, with a huge, wicked ax, a curvy pierced tongue, and placement of horns and ears that almost makes me think of Baphomet. But now we’re getting into some really esoteric concepts.

6. Jacket Rabbit

On the brighter side of things is this rabbit in a jacket by NKemoaka. I don’t have too much to say about it, other than it looks really cool. I like NK’s line art, and the colors work very well with each other. The orange-on-white created a nice visual look, and there’s an equal amount of each that gives a balanced impression. Also, it’s snowing, does that count for Christmas?

5. Roses Kaiju Walk

Take a look at this fellow here! Lazy Creations made their first appearance with an, ahem, breakout piece last week and so I’ve been keeping a watch. Didn’t expect another giant piece so soon! Okay, I’ll stop. Much like the last piece, it looks very cool. I think what really works here is the perspective – Lazy does a great job making the viewer look like a small creature watching something huge. She’s also got a design that’s part cuddly-looking, but also quite vicious.

4. Working Overnight

Who hasn’t worked late nights? Endjfcar, yes that’s how it’s spelled, gives us a squirrel that seems to be pulling some long hours in the mechanic bay. And a drone that can fly in energy drinks? Where can I get one of those?

High tech designs can be tricky to pull off, so I’m always interested in pieces that manage to do so when they cross my timeline.

3. Sparring Partner

Sword duels do have a tendency to pop up on here, don’t they? Elvofirida brings us this sparring match between theirs and someone else’s character. I like the colors, especially in regards to the two characters as it brings out a nice contrast. But that’s not all that’s in contrast, as they’re using two different types of swords as well. The crooked angle works well too, giving the viewer a loss of balance along with the wolfess. And of course, cherry blossoms, the classic addition to any duel involving katanas.

2. Conjuring

I am a broken record this week, as here’s another piece that’s also really cool. But more so than the others – this one really pops visually for a number of reasons. First, you’ve got the bright blue spirit that’s been conjured up here. Next, we’ve got what looks like some sort of hybrid-species creature with the most self-assured grin I’ve seen on this series yet. And finally, there’s a general sense of surreal magic to the piece. There’s the magic flowing from his fingers, the magical sparkles spread throughout the picture, and the blurred-out backdrop. It gives the piece a very dream-like feeling.

And now, the #1 pick for this week is:

1. Haunting

The very last thing I expected to see was some Sonic Adventure 2 fan art that depicts Shadow in such a grisly, haunting fashion. The death of Maria is something that fuels shadow throughout the events of the game, so seeing her take hold of him like this is both symbolic and outright chilling, as is the way she’s depicted. Honestly, there’s so much going on here that breaking it all down would take a good couple or so paragraphs. It’s a dark, well-executed concept with great use of color, lighting, and symbolism for a haunting call from the past.

Congratulations and well-done Spacecolonie, your piece is the #1 pick this week!

The last thing I’d expect is a haunting piece to take the #1 spot for the first week of December, but I suppose that’s furry art for you. Let’s see what other holiday magic is in store for us for the remainder of the month!

Don’t forget if you liked the list, or had any particular favorites, to let me know in the comments. I’ll see you all next week!