Time for the final week of art for August! Hard to believe that we are half a year into this series, as the first of these was in February.

Time sure flies when you’re checking out some great furry art! Speaking of which, let’s get into this week’s picks, starting with:

7. A Little Bit Purple

Kicking off this week’s top seven list is cute tanuki drawn by V4N4. It’s nice to see characters on the more larger-looking side. While furry does have a lot of the more thinner super star fit looking bodies, there’s a fair amount of love for larger body types as well, as we can see with V4N4’s piece. I also like the purple one piece and the striped socks, adds a layer of attractive on top of the cute.

6. Rocking the DJ Set

Time to scratch some records! DJ’ing is actually a big thing in furry – I mean, someone’s gotta spin tunes for the con dance floor, right? The coloring on this is fantastic – I love that gradient from blue to purple, and the DJ’s outfit is fabulous as well. There’s a sense of momentum as well, what with the blurred backdrop and shadows of dancing characters, and how the DJ is caught in the middle of reaching for the turntable.

5. Guiding Star

Cerbera gives us a rather mesmerizing, alluring, and something that’s admittedly a little sensual for the #5 picture. Granted, having an outfit like the one that Neera (the character in the picture) is wearing adds to that certainly. But the glowing star centered where it is really, uh, lead the eyes to certain areas. But that’s not to say the reason why this piece placed at 5 – I love the glow effect, the cosmic background, and the heavy use of blues and other similar cool colors. It lulls you into this contemplative mood, which fits the piece well.

4. Magic Frog

Noel sprung this frog character on us suddenly, and admitted that they don’t really use them that much….and I think they really should! Number one, they look really cute, but they also remind me of Frog from Chrono Trigger. Come to think of it, I feel like frogs are a little underused in fantasy. This pic works as a great proof-of-concept for fantasy frogs. The outfit works neat as an adventurer’s outfit, they’ve got some kind of scroll, and to top it off, you’ve got a glowing mouse-looking fairy mouse. Quite an adventure!

But before we adventure on to the top three, let’s take a short honorable mention side quest:

[Patreon] Shirou - August 2020
Lovin this BNA fan art. Art by Nurinaki
Fjord patrol
I love nice patrols in the morning. Art by Kyander
r/furry - Fanart for one of my favourite artists!
How’d that get in there? Art by Cloudyfurr.
[C] cat_named_fish
Looks like this Fennex’s found something great. Art by Inkwell Arts.
Golden magic. Art by Zombutt.
Wahoo, some Klonoa art! Art by Jeyrolami.
Forest dragonness
Always like a good forest scenery. Art by Yantiskra.

Some pretty great honorable mentions this week! Now, let’s get onto the top three, beginning with:

3. Still Learning

Whoa! What a way to kick off the top three! I was instantly mesmerized the second I saw this piece pop up on my timeline, and then the one-two punch of Muzzy’s personal story, which you can get the link to on the source page, just made this deeper. The story is pretty personal, but it really sets the mood and shows how people can grow and change.

And that’s one of the major themes that you can see in this picture. I could probably do a whole paragraph on the symbolism, but just take the butterflies as an example. A classic symbol of both freedom, and a metamorphosis. A change. Something you do while you live and learn in life.

2. Lofi Hip Hop Furry

While the number three spot was pretty heavy, this one’s a little more chill…or should I say relaxed? Inspired by the “Lofi Hop Hop Radio – Beats to Relax/Study To” YouTube stream, KS Alden gives us a pretty detailed drawing session.

What I really like is that you can tell it’s inspired by the Lofi anime girl, but Alden does their own thing with it,setting their own stage and pieces of detail to make the drawing more their own. Throw in some great color, some really nice small details (did you see the spots on the hand?), and excellent use of shading, and you’ve got one great night time drawing pic.

And that brings us to the #1 pick for this week, which is…

1. Razia, the Firesworn

This one’s definitely on fire! An immediate eye-catcher while I was browsing FA on the lookout for some art pieces to feature. But when you’ve got a bright orange fire background, it’s kinda hard to get missed! While the fire drew me in, the character got me to stay. It’s hard to disagree – this is one fierce badass looking female warrior. You’ve got green eyes with narrow, pointy irises, a look that throws down the challenge, armor with beautiful gold finishes, and a sword building up its power.

And of course, having a character nonchalantly standing in front of fire or some kind of explosion instantly ups the badass point. That’s not counting her being a dragoness too. Congratulations and well done Andy D, your piece is the #1 pick for this week! Also shout out to Narej for such a cool character design!

Thus closes another chapter of great furry art. We are just about done with August – we’ve got one more week to go, and it’s November time. Not a lot of summer art I noticed, but with everyone having to stay home due to real-world events, I can kinda understand.

But maybe in the fall we’ll get some nice fall-themed art. After all, Fall means Halloween and there’s always some cool pieces around that time!