Welcome to another week of awesome furry fandom artwork!

I’ve got some pretty neat picks lined up this week – do you dare to do the tango? If not, that’s fine, there’s lots of other pieces that are sure to help you glow, starting with:

7. Emergence

Yacrical kicks off this week with a red-hot commission, and what a fiery blast it is! This is such a splashy, fun picture to look at, with magma and fire going everywhere. There’s also a nice use of color in this piece, with the magma using mainly oranges and yellows, and the dragon being more orange and dark reds. Makes for a nice contrast of shades, and helps both the dragon and magma stand out from each other.

6. Cotton Candy

Up next at #6 is this pretty looking deer done up by Fellfallow. Cotton candy is always a treat I’ll gladly eat, and that addmitedly got my attention. What got me to stay and look, however, was the nice, intracite detail on the fur Fellfallow did. I also really like how the different colors blend into each other at different points, such as the bridge of the deer’s nose, sort of like real multicolored cotton candy tends to do. It’s an interesting design that raises some questions too, such as teh aforementioned bridge, the markings on their forehead, and the fangs.

5. Covergirl

Firri April gives us a rather enticing commission featuring Sapphire’s shark girl. Alluring pieces can be one way to get my attention, but there’s more going on here than things being revealing. For example, I really like the contrast between the warm and even at times hot background red, and the cool colors of the shark. There’s a nice red sheen on the character, too, which adds a bit of that nice red warmth to things. Also, take note of the slight blur effect used on her tail, which helps bring her body into sharp focus.

4. Twilight Strikes

And now we go from the alluring to something a little rarer: mixing in adorable with downright badass. Something that Kiaun managed to nail perfectly with this Star Wars-inspired commission of the rabbit/lynx Twlight.

This manages to check so many boxes at once. You’ve got a cute looking character in an awesome action pose, a sense of motion and in-your-face posing, some great colors and lighting, and a yellow lightsaber. You can never have too many yellow lightsabers.

Don’t get too lost in the force, however, as we’ve still got the honorable mentions to check out:

Some pretty fearsome honorable mentions right? Now onto the top three, starting with:

3. Glowing Rose

Kicing off the top three is another alluring piece, though this lovely lady by Lushminda is a little more tamer than the one seen earlier. There’s something magical about her, though – perhaps it’s her eyes, or it’s the glowing essence above her heard? Well, those wicked looking fang-like protrusions help with it too.

Lushminda does an excellent job with a variety of elements in this piece, from using shading and lighting to really bring out differnt types of clothing, to the nice touch of blue everywhere. Definately a hypnotic piece to lead off the top three with.

2. Spirit Guardian

I suppose glowing spirits are going to be a thing with the top pieces this week? Cheetahpaws gives us a rather cute-looking feline fellow for the #2 spot. And while some things might stand out to some, what really stands out to me is that bright use of blue fur. Using it as a trim against the orange fur seems to work so well, as does having it be the iris of his blue eyes. And the swirling blue spirits certainly helps to guide your eyes around the piece, creating a spectral dance.

Speaking of dances, let’s have a look at this week’s top piece:

1. Tango

Can you dance the tango? Jadan takes the top spot this week with a downright gorgeous painting of two horses engaged in a classic dance. Everything about this works so well – the colors, the long, flowing hair and manes, the heavy shadows, and the brownish-orange glows, with a well-placed glow over our leading gentleman. Gentlehorse?

Either way you slice it, this is quite the well done piece. Congratulations and well-done Jadan, your piece is the top pick of this week!

But what did you think of this week’s list? Did you agree with it, or disagree with it? Were there pieces I missed? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll see you all next week!