It’s March Madness! Things are quite hectic around here – I went out driving the other day and almost drowned in local traffic! That’s what happens when you live in a metropolitan area and Spring Break rolls around.

How about we take a bit of a detour and check out some great furry artwork? There’s some pretty great picks, with one that’s simply furiously awesome.

7. Werehog Unleashed

BunnieBlast kicks off this week with a drawing of Sonic’s monstrous alter-ego, the Werehog! This fearsome form was first (and I believe only) seen in the 2008 game Sonic Unleashed. And with furries taking a liking to seemingly any kind of were-character, it’s not too surprising to see the occasional werehog Sonic picture.

It’s a very nice, cute contrast. You’ve got were-Sonic looking as rugged (and maybe even annoyed) as ever, coupled with Chip enjoying a delicious dessert treat.

6. Imogen

Looks like I’m not the only one who likes some great art! Kyander hits us with this Greek Tiger that will positively kill for a good piece…quite literally! I’d say a woman after my own heart but I don’t imagine myself getting that into art.

There’s a very sublte sense of deranged danger when it comes to this piece – for example, look at Imogen’s claws. Either she’s inviting you to take a look – or showing you how deadly they are. I also like how the simple background plays into the theme of the character and the idea of killing for art. Don’t get on the evil artistic side of this tiger!

5. Inspired Currents

Up next is this rockin’ psychedelic piece by Dozybunn. I like seeing pieces inspired by music, with this one inspired by Tame Impala’s “Currents”. There is a lot of great contrast in this piece – mainly in regards to the bright yellows-and-golds with the darker purples and blues. To say nothing of the swirly nature of the colors, which makes this piece real fun to look at.

Fortunately, we’ve got the cool Impala (with an equally cool guitar) to help give us a break from the psychedelic parts. It also provides another layer of contrast, this one being more stylistic as opposed to color.

4. Layria

Coming in at #4 is this beautiful canine drawing by Volinfer. The character’s white fur is certainly beautiful, as are their crystal-blue eyes. However, there’s a lot of intensity to the piece as well. For example, the swirls and streaks of blue that make their way around the character. The most prominent example is the blur effect on the left border of the piece, which not only adds intensity, but a sense of motion as well.

Don’t get too lost in a blur – we’ve still got the honorable mentions to take a look at!

Some pretty fabulous honorable mentions, right? Now, onto the top three, starting with:

This magical piece by Estucuprumfox kicks off this week’s top three. Looks like we’ve got ourselves some sort of furred dragon – which yes, do exist – accompanied by what look like crow familiars. And lots of black, but a more softer black, not too harsh.

The furred dragon’s design is pretty cool, and I like the white horns and the spots. Speaking of cool, I love how Estu rendered the magical glow of the runes, with magical ambiance swirling around them. It really lends itself to the picture’s concept and the character’s role in this piece as a mystical guide for newcomers.

2. Brave

If there’s one thing that Miles-DF is great at, it’s consistently providing some great pieces. This time, we’ve got some Secret of NIMH fanart featuring Mrs. Brisby and her children, consoling them after putting down a ferocious spider.

This piece shows one of Brisby’s shining traits – she’s just a simple mouse, but one that’s full of courage, and motherly love, putting her life on the line to care for her children. A mother’s love gives off a warm glow, symbolized by the soft blue light coming in.

It’s a very dramatic, emotional piece, and Miles DF pulled it off very well.

Speaking of fearsome, it’s time for this week’s #1 pick:

1. Bowser’s Fury

Taking the #1 piece is this ferocious piece by Tsaoshin, featuring the terrifying Fury Bowser from the new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

Tsaoshin gives Fury Bowser a real terrifying look, with dark, heavy shadows, bright piercing eyes, and demonic, fiery hair. There’s some great detail as well, especially where Fury Bower’s scales are concerned. In addition, the flashing lighting gives dark intensity to the piece, and Tsaoshin did some great lighting effects on Fury Bowser with it. Mario looking determined as ever gives this dark piece a feeling that an epic showdown is about to happen – as it should when it comes down to Bowser vs. Mario!

Congratulations and well done, Tsaoshin, your piece is the #1 pick for this week!

March Madness? More like March Fright-Fest! Well, as far as those last two pieces are concerned. There was also a surprising lack of St. Patrick’s Day-related art. Maybe next week we’ll see some?

But we’re not done with March yet though, we’ve got at least one more week to go! Let’s see what other awesome pieces are out there waiting for next week.