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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 3×6: “The Book of Resistance: Chapter One: Knocking On Heaven’s Door.”

After being injected with poison by Painkiller back in the last episode, Anissa is dying. In a tremendous amount of pain, Anissa records a video for a family in the event that she dies from the poison.

Later, at Tavon’s funeral, Jefferson, along with Anissa and Lynn, is being bombarded with questions from Jamilah Olsen about the altercation he had with the ASA, the occupation, and what he would say to Tavon. Jefferson answers the latter question telling her how Tavon inspired him to be the best and how his death won’t be in vain.


Jefferson Pierce and his family is ambushed at Tavon’s funeral by reporter Jamilah Olsen. (Courtesy of the CW)

Anissa goes to Gambi’s so he can run tests on her. This poison is suppressing her meta-gene and ripping through her cells. Gambi gives her about a week to live if he can’t come up with an anti-venom. Gambi tells Anissa to inform her parents about the poison but she thinks they already have too much on their plate. Gambi wants to tell Jefferson but they agree to give it 24 hours before they say anything.

Lynn checks in on Tobias, who would much rather stab Lynn in the front then be working with O’Dell who’s stabbing her in the back. Tobias makes a bunch of threats and ask’s her to give him a list of all the meta’s that are in the facility.

Jefferson goes to Anissa’s to check in on her and apologize for pressuring her to bring Tavon back to Freeland. Jefferson claims that Tavon’s death is on him but Anissa also thinks that Tavon’s death is on her, because she knew it was a bad idea. Anissa though kicks her dad out of the house as she gets angry, after he leaves, Anissa passes out on the ground. Grace finds Anissa passed out on the ground. Grace can tell that Anissa is a little more than beat up, but it’s okay because Anissa went to Uncle Gambi and he’s coming up with something for her. Grace just wants Anissa to let her in, but Anissa still isn’t to that point yet.


Grace Choi cares for a poisoned, dying, Anissa. (Courtesy of the CW)

In an attempt to find out who this Brandon guy really is, Jennifer breaks into his apartment to find out about him. There she finds diamonds and a computer with files on her mother before Brandon walks in and she zaps him. Brandon absorbs the blow once again. After they settle down, Jennifer wants to know why he has files on her mother. Brandon explains that he’s not looking for her mother per se, he’s looking for Dr.Jace because she killed his mother.

Agent O’Dell stops by Jefferson’s house and threatens him after Jefferson broke their deal about not going out as Black Lightning. Jefferson threatens to barbecue him if he tries to take him in.

Instant, the teleporting meta working for the Markovian’s we met last season, makes a re-appearance after he takes down an armored truck full of ASA operatives. There him and his leader take over the truck and get clearance into the ASA facility.

Henderson brings in Jamilah Olsen in to interrogate her. He accuses her of coming to Freeland for a story and ambushing Jefferson at Tavon’s funeral. Jamilah said she would gladly go to jail for all this. Henderson is glad to hear this and gives her an opportunity to work with him and the insurgence.

After thinking about Tobias’ offer, Lynn gives him 5 minutes. Tobias, a master manipulator, has that information on Issa that he’s been waiting on sharing but doesn’t exactly tell her what happened, he gives her enough breadcrumbs so Lynn can go investigate O’Dell on her own.

Gambi finally finishes the anti-venom which he gives to Anissa. It works and Anissa is healed of the poison. Gambi, however, has to leave, as he has to take care of something.

Meanwhile, the ASA has found 3 neutrino bombs set up in town. O’Dell cleverly has Instant and Mosin’ trapped, but the meta and the general shoot their way out because they can’t use their powers. During the fight, O’Dell is shot. Before they can kill O’Dell, Black Lightning disables the meta inhibitor and swoops in to save O’Dell. The meta and the general leave. Later, General Mosin believes they could have won the war if they would have finished O’Dell. Instant claims he didn’t accept the job to fight Black Lightning. Dr.Jace pops in to ask them about their trip to Freeland.

Gambi, who has been investigating ever since Anissa was poisoned, goes to Khalil’s grave to see if he’s in there. After scanning the casket, he realizes that he’s not in there.

Back at the Pierce residence, Lynn, upset over Jefferson going out as Black Lightning without telling her, decides to leave. Lynn is done and moves out of the house.


After last week’s great episode and the end of the Book of Occupation, the first chapter in the Book of Resistance had a lot riding on it. For the most part I thought the episode was solid. It did a good job of keeping the momentum from last week and building on to the end of that episode. I really liked the stuff with Lynn and Tobias, it’s no wonder that when Black Lightning is at it’s best, Tobias is there, manipulating his way into things. While Tobias always has a lot to say, this time it’s what he doesn’t say. He’s going to allow Lynn to find out about Issa all on her own, which is going to break Lynn’s trust with O’Dell, which in turn will help Tobias in the end.

Anissa went through a lot in this episode with her nearly dying, having to deal with the death of Tavon being on her conscience and the fight with her dad. I know that she’s not in the right state of mind, but I did not like the way she came off in that fight she had with her dad. Look I understand with everything going on Anissa is angry, but she came off as really selfish in that fight, her dad was grieving just as well, and just because she’s dying, doesn’t give her the excuse to come off like that.

Jennifer, who was weirdly absent from Tavon’s funeral, finally got some answers of her own like what and who exactly Brandon is. Brandon is a meta who can control the properties of the earth, he showed her this by taking coal and turning it into a diamond. Also, he’s looking for Dr.Jace, who killed his mom. Now the secrets out of the bag for both of them, Jennifer and Brandon look like they are going to team up, before they eventually you know find out that Khalil’s alive. Which get’s me to my last point, Gambi finally knows that Khalil is alive, which is only going to make the Pierce’s mistrust of the ASA and O’Dell much worse. At this point, its not looking great for O’Dell, were either going to find out the ASA are the real villains the whole time, or that this Markovian threat is the real one.

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