Last week’s episode combined fashion and brick sculpting. After making fabulous hats, players were left hanging in the next challenge. Read on to find out how the perspective Lego Masters mastered the hanging brick challenge!

lego masters
Source: GeekWire

The Challenge

As the episode began, we see a slightly anxious Arnett combing over a stack of papers. But, it turns out he is backed up on emails and did not realize his boss had several requests for the new season.  After some slight pacing and banter, a video call from his boss buzzes in. When the bossman entered the call, he invited Ken Jeong to join in on the torture of the players. Bossman decided that the players no longer needed tables! This was dubbed the Hanging Brick Challenge. Let us find out if the teams can hang on or if they will be swaying in the wind.

The Builds

Zack and WayneSquid and Whale
Mark and StevenFloating Gnome Forest
Caleb and JacobFloating Islands
Bryan and LaurenPalace of the Sky Painters
Maria and PhilipTurtle Lighthouse
Dave and RichardJack and the Beanstalk
Syreeta and RandallHot Air Balloon
Natalie and MichelleWhisper’s Planter
Susan and JenBirthday Party Treehouse
A table of participants and their hanging brick build.

Favorites and Least Favorites

In addition to the winning team earning bragging rights, they also get the coveted Golden Brick! First in the top were Zack and Wayne, with the battle between the Sperm Whale and their nemesis, the squid. Jamie was impressed with the size of the build, while Amy appreciated the 360 views of the intense battle. The second team up for the win was Mark and Steven with their floating gnome forest. Amy adored that the pair let loose with their imagination, and Jamie appreciated the stability. In the end, Mark and Steven took home the Golden Brick for their first win.

First, at the bottom this week, was Natalie and Michelle with Whisper’s garden. The judges felt that while they understand how to make bricks look like other objects, this build was far too busy. The second team at the bottom was Syreeta and Randall with their hot air balloon. While the balloon was well crafted, the judges felt there was a lack of story and fine details. In the end, Syreeta and Randall were sent home, with their adorable mini-figs left behind. Overall, the competition is heating up, and the challenges are getting more intense. So if you want to get your brick on, be sure to watch this episode and more on Hulu.