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The Canning men. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Well, Canning men are made of duff stuff anyway. I’m leaving Sheila out of this, because she might make a few dodgy decisions, but on the whole she’s a legend.

Last week Kyle started World War III on Ramsay Street by starting a class action lawsuit against Lassiters because of the hidden camera scandal.

I’m not forgetting for a moment that Kyle is a victim in this whole debacle – he had his privacy invaded just as much as Amy did – but it’s not a controversial statement to say that in this kind of situation it’s usually the woman who suffers the worst dent to her reputation. Amy is a business owner and so her reputation is really important to her, and society has a very different attitude to women who enjoy sex than it does to men.

I’m also not forgetting that Amy had no right to decline the compensation money on Kyle’s behalf. She might want to forget about it and move on, but it wasn’t her place to turn down Kyle’s payout.

Amy is clearly struggling with what happened, and she just wants to draw as little attention to it as possible and move on, but instead of being a supportive partner, Kyle is doing the complete opposite of what she wants by causing a huge ruckus, not to mention the tension he’s created in her family by essentially taking legal action against her dad.

Not cool, Kyle. Not. Cool.

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Same, Amy. Same. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.

Meanwhile, the other Canning man is busy getting conned into joining a cult. Prue might be a bit chaotic and far out, but she can see an easy mark from miles away, and she honed straight in on Ramsay Street’s easiest of marks, Gary Canning.

Gary is the sort of person who goes on YouTube to feel intellectually superior to conspiracy theorists, and three hours later ends up believing the world to be flat. And so, after a couple of dates with Prue, including one where he literally found her with her hand in the till at the tram, he has given her a wedge of money and is all ears about her weirdo cult, The Restoration Order.

Possibly the most incredible thing about both Canning men’s antics is that it’s all happening right under Sheila’s nose, and she hasn’t managed to yell any sense into Kyle, and is currently not supervising Gary as closely as she usually does. Someone needs to bring her up to speed and let her do her thing, because these two need an earful.

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Prue honed straight in on Gary. Photo: © Channel 5. Source: Digital Spy.