Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is definitely a character driven show. The relationships are so entertaining and the development of each character is phenomenal. No example of great development is better than Amy Santiago.

She started the series as an uptight woman, only focused on her work and trying to impress Captain Holt, now, she’s still a perfectionist who’s very focused on her work, but she has a lot more personality, and puts herself first!

Her relationship with Jake is what has truly helped her to break out of her shell. His carefree attitude has helped her become a little more carefree herself. She’s still expresses her opinions and needs with him, but she’s more willing to compromise than she’s been in the past (and so is he). We’ve also see a lot more joking and smiling from Amy. And while we’ve seen glimpses of strong, fun Amy in the past, she’s been present in full force throughout season 3. It all really started in 3×05 “Halloween III”, when Amy was sick of being tugged around by Jake and Holt, so she hijacked their “game” and totally kicked their butts. Season one Amy would have NEVER done that.

She’s also proved countless time this season that she can stand up to Holt when she needs to, like in the 3×12 “9 Days”, when she basically babysat Jake and Holt and kept them from deliriously working on their cold case. And I think Holt respects her even more than he already did for her strong new attitude.

She’s also faced some pretty big fears, from doing the polar plunge to locking herself in a trunk. Basically, she’s a badass bitch and nothing can stop her.

While I loved seasons 1-2 Amy, season 3 Amy is pretty much my queen. So keep doing what you’re doing, B99 writers; character development is my favorite thing and Amy’s has been phenomenal.