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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 3×7: “The Book of Resistance: Chapter Two: Henderson’s Opus.***

Grace Choi can’t stop shapeshifting after the meta cure stopped working on her. Anissa walks into her apartment to find her hiding in the corner, shape-shifted into a 10 year old girl. Anissa plays a relaxation program to calm down Grace and bring her back to her normal persona. The ASA is going door to door tracking down meta’s and she is scared that one day Anissa might not be around to snap her out of it.

Gambi brings Lynn in to help him hack into the ASA mainframe. Lynn doesn’t know where the pit is because she is blindfolded when they bring her in, but Gambi gives her a device, when activated, should help him access the ASA’s files.

Jennifer goes to meet with Agent O’Dell but since he got shot last episode, the new Director Agent Grey warns her not to use her powers. Jennifer see’s an opportunity and tells her if she wants to be besties, she’s going to need the whole dossier on Dr.Jace.

Henderson, Reverend Holt and the resistance planted a bomb as a diversion to escort meta’s out of the city. Unfortunately for them, Black Lightning immediately disarm’s the bomb which pisses the resistance off. Henderson stops by Jefferson’s house to see where he stands. Henderson, rightfully calls out Jefferson on his my way or the highway business. Henderson and Jefferson need to communicate their plans and they acknowledge it but they both can’t agree with each other on how to do it.


Reverend Holt, Henderson and Blackbird, come up with a plan to get the meta’s out of Freeland. (Courtesy of the CW)

Anissa invites Jefferson over to her apartment, but not to kick him out this time. Anissa needs help chauffeuring Grace out of Freeland. Anissa, who is still sick, would do it herself but she can’t after the Tavon ordeal, which she definitely made Jefferson feel guilty about since you know he asked her to do it. Jefferson agrees to help.

The ASA are going door to door, rounding up metas, looking for Markovians as well. They find a Markovian outpost which starts to fire on the ASA. Black Lightning flies into the battle, electrocuting the Markovian’s. While the Markovian’s are down one of the ASA soldiers shoots and kills one of their men. Black Lightning goes off on the new Director Grey, saying that they don’t kill people like this in Freeland.

Gambi (using a different face) and Lynn are walking around the Pit, which Lynn just was graccesanted s to. As they are walking around they come in contact with Khalil. Lynn is able to look through Khalil’s memories, one of them which is of Jennifer. Gambi asks Khalil to list his missions to them. He tells them his former missions, such as find Sinzell, eliminate Blackbird, and kill his own mother. Gambi gives Lynn access to all the files she needs and they agree that Jennifer can’t know about this.


Lynn and Gambi come face to face with the reborn Khalil. (Courtesy of the CW)

At Brandon’s apartment, Jennifer wants to find out what happens when their powers merge and Jennifer has the files on Jace. They start to merge their powers together and form some sort of electrical field but Brandon abruptly stops, leaving Jennifer wanting to see more. Brandon thinks she’s lying and he’s still a little mad about her breaking into his apartment and kicks her out.

Black Lightning round up the metas and Grace to take them out of Freeland when they are met by Director Grey and the ASA. The ASA starts firing on the them as Black Lightning puts up a shield to block them all from the bullets, hurting a few of the ASA in the process. As the metas all run away to the rally point, Grace gets lost. A scared Grace turns into a Lion and kills one of the ASA’s men. Black Lightning walks in and see’s the Lion but is able to calm her down because she smells his scent in her other forms and that scent is Jefferson Pierce. She tells him Anissa is lucky to have a dad like her and she is escorted out of Freeland.


Black Lightning escorts the meta’s through Freeland past the ASA. (Courtesy of the ASA)


At the very end of the episode, Jennifer gets an email from the ASA with all the information on Dr.Jace, which makes her smile. Khalil is sparring with another partner and breaks his back. As this whole sequence is going on he gets a new mission, kill Black Lightning.


Henderson’s Opus kept the momentum going from the last two episodes, churning in another solid installment pushing the narrative further along to the next episode which should include a huge meet-up between Painkiller and Black Lightning which will shake things up entirely before Black Lightning heads to Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Anissa had a strong episode, consistently being there for Anissa, being a calming influence on her and ultimately putting the tracker on her, which helps them find Grace in the end. While Grace + Anissa’s story definitely isn’t over yet, Grace being out of town for a while should definitely help Anissa in the long run.

Hypocritical Jefferson was back in full force this week, after stopping a bomb set up by the resistance, Henderson put Jefferson back in his place after arguing over the morality of trying to save the meta children. Ultimately, it’s not Jefferson’s place to tell them how to run their business, as they have the same goal.

Wasn’t a huge fan of the new Director in charge in O’Dells absence. In her first scene with Jennifer, she seemed empathetic and Jennifer was able to put one over her, getting the Jace files. Later, after Lynn needed all the files on the meta’s, she could only give her the green light files because “she said so.” She didn’t really seem tough or have a backbone behind her and it makes me kind of miss O’Dell.

The Brandon + Jennifer stuff was okay. With Khalil going after Black Lightning presumably next week, Jennifer is going to be way more sympathetic towards Khalil which is going to complicate this Brandon/Khalil/Jennifer triangle we all knew was coming.

One Week Closer to Black Lightning joining the Arrowverse !