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OK, so when I say that this show does not disappoint, it does not disappoint. The second episode opens up with an intense situation between a Resolute mechanic and “Dr. Smith”, but we know she is not, but who is she really? Their ship crashed landed in a very precarious situation, hanging off the side of a cliff and the are facing it. “Dr. Smith” finds some memorabilia from the real Dr. Smith and collects it and buries it under the body of the passenger who didn’t survive. With one of them dead the pilot and the Dr. set off to locate other crash survivors.

Back at the Robinson crash site, everyone is safe and sound and Judy is dealing with being trapped in the ice for hours. And with the robot’s help, they thaw the ship and pump the water out and try and get things back to some sense of normalcy. However, they are still very wary of the robot and his intentions. Meanwhile, Don and Dr. Smith are learning about their surroundings and while it may resemble Earth, it is not Earth. With extreme weather and razor-sharp rocks and sand, the set off to find other survivors.

The family is trying to adjust to this new presence and everyone is on edge except Will. Who is hiding the true nature of the robot? But he also knows that he saved his life and they have a bond each one indebted to the other. The Robot is just being helpful and assisting the family in preparing their ship. Then, Penny sees an explosion that is hopefully an indication of other survivors and John, Maureen, Will, and the robot set off in the direction of the explosion, while the girls ready the ship for taking off.

You can still sense a bit of tension between John and Maureen, there is a power struggle. She may be the rocket scientist but he is the Navy Seal who has the necessary training to deal with foreign soil. Maureen thinks she knows everything and wants to take charge. Meanwhile, Don and Dr. Smith are making their way towards the parachute they saw in the distance. The Robinson’s make it to the crash site and find no survivors but they are out in the valley and much to their dismay there is a crazy storm coming. Penny is worried and wants to go after them but Judy is still traumatized from freezing in the ice and is afraid to help. Penny takes charge and sets off to find her parents and brother.

Maureen’s curiosity gets the best of her and she all but forces Will to make the robot remember where he met Will, even though John thinks its a bad idea. As a mother, she was wrong for making her son defy his father. Don and Dr. Smith are both braving the elements and looking for help, and find a survivor. They have to debate on if they want to save her or not and they do. But the storm is still looming and they need to seek shelter.

The family makes it to the ship and start exploring while Will and the Robot further bond outside by playing a simple game of catch. But there is a lot going on in the background. Judy dealing with being trapped, Penny having to be brave alone and find her family, Will learning the truth about the robot and deciding to hide that information, and Don and Dr. Smith trying to find any signs of life outside of themselves. All the while dealing with a planet that is new and foreign with who knows what type of dangers exist there. There was one neat thing when the robot connects with a piece of the ship, they learn that how they arrived at their destination is impossible.

But back to Dr. Smith, we all know that she is not really Dr. Smith and we begin to see her true intentions after she left Don to rot with the injured survivor they saved. She sets off on her own and takes the flare. Will makes peace with what the robot has done and knows that he has to keep it a secret. Penny is trying to find them so they can escape the storm that they have just noticed is coming. But the storm isn’t rain and it’s like bullets shooting down from the sky. With no shelter around they have nowhere to hide and then the robot leads Penny to them. On the way back to the Jupiter 2, they pick up Dr. Smith, who shoots off the stolen flair and she leaves Don out in the elements. He then realizes that she took the flare gun and now he and Angela are stuck.

The Robinson’s along with Dr. Smith narrowly escape the storm and make it back to the Jupiter 2. Dr. Smith than meets the Robot and is scared because she really knows what happened on the Resolute. Who is Dr. Smith really? Will the Robot betray them or continue to help them? Will Will let the family know the robot’s true nature? Stay tuned…..