My first encounter with Dungeons & Dragons was around the age of six. I remember finding this mysterious box with a green dragon plastered on top. Enthralled by it, I asked my dad what it was, and he recounted tales of his younger years playing with his friends. My interest faltered for I felt I was too young for such a game however, in my early 20s I stumbled upon a show on VRV entitled HarmonQuest. I spent hours upon hours captivated by the dungeon master’s tale and the unique animation. When season two was complete, I found myself struggling to fill that void until Relics and Rarities came along. Two years after my fascination with HarmonQuest I learned of season three being released and well, now I’m here to tell you that if you adore heartwarming characters and dangerous adventures, HarmonQuest is the series for you.

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Source: VRV’s HarmonQuest

The basic synopsis of HarmonQuest is Dan Harmon and his celebrity friends get together to play Dungeons & Dragons. The main cast consists of Spencer Crittenden (Dungeon Master), Dan Harmon (Fondue Zoobag & Lymric O’Shift), Erin McGathy (Beor O’Shift), and Jeff B. Davis (Boneweevil). Some of the most beloved guests include Gillian Jacobs (Chip), Ron Funches (Captain Rib Sanchez), Nathan Fillion (Teddar Spice), and Paul Scheer (Sensodyne). Together, these individuals utilize their wit, cunning, and imagination to defeat beasts, intimidate foes, and solve thought-provoking puzzles.


Source: VRV’s HarmonQuest

The first season begins with Fondue, a half-orc ranger, and Boneweevil, a goblin rogue, are poking around their hometown when they meet Beor O’Shift a half-elf barbarian woman. She is being chased by evil cultists while the Demon Seal ritual is beginning. The newly blossomed party fights of the enemies however, the runestone protecting the Demon Seal is stolen which unleashes three abominations. They are urged by the village’s chief to recover all three of the precious runestones before the cultists do or else the resurrection of the Great Manticore will occur thus bringing the end of the world.

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Source: VRV’s HarmonQuest

The comedy sprinkled throughout this series allows seasoned players and noobs alike to enjoy a unique tale. Crittenden has a keen ability to describe a scene and keep the player’s interest that can only be described as wizardry. Each word he utters has intent and poise with a dash of sarcastic flair. The animation gives the viewers at home a peek into the world Crittenden has created and offers a visual aid to those new to D&D. Along with Crittenden’s magic, the crew expertly spews out ideas that not only pull the laughter out of the audience but also causes us to think outside of the box. Whenever I run into a problem in my own campaign I like to think, “What would Chip do?”, which usually causes more harm than good but creates a story I’ll never forget. If you haven’t had the chance to watch HarmonQuest on VRV, the third season was just released, and I strongly urge you to give it a go. Overall, HarmonQuest is hilarious, visually pleasing, and a good time for all involved.