In 1974 there were a plethora of amazing accomplishments paraded throughout the world. The Grateful Dead released their seventh album, KISS went on their first tour, and Stephen King published Carrie. 1974 was, for a lack of a better term, a giant rager. Lest not forget one of the most iconic gifts ’74 provided freaks and geeks everywhere, Dungeons and Dragons.

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D&D was first published in ’74 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. and was derived from the miniature war game Chainmail. For those of you unaware of this phenomenon, it is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. Players create mystical characters ranging from human, to half-orc, to even elves. These characters go on crazy adventure making new friends, forging rivalries, and discovering new lands. When most people think about D&D, they picture a young group of teen boys in their parent’s basement wearing cloaks and faux leather jackets, jumping on furniture and causing a scene. But come on, it’s 2019 guys, D&D has blown up exponentially which brings me to why we are here today, we are going to be talking about Geek and Sundry’s latest hit Relics and Rarities.

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Relics and Rarities, can be found on VRV and YouTube, and follows the tale of four unlikely friends. The role of Dungeon Master is happily filled by Deborah Ann Woll, known for her work in the D&D community as well as True Blood, and she is mystifying. Her job is to create an engaging environment that allows for players to fully immerse themselves in a safe and imaginative space. Woll puts some of the greatest storytellers to shame, she is methodical and the NPCs she forms are charming, leaving viewers with a range of emotions. Woll had me in stitches one moment and crying the next, it’s a rollercoaster ride I never want to leave.

Relics and Rarities shop

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With Woll being the cornerstone of Relics and Rarities, she couldn’t do it without her friends Julia Dennis, playing as the crafty Annabella; Xander Jeanneret, also known as the trickster Rikki Huckster; Tommy Walker, the dashing Veros; and Jasmine Bhullar, AKA the warrior Beryl The Brutal. This team compliments each other in every way from abilities to straight up planning. They work through the lows and celebrate the highs better than any group I’ve seen before.

relics and rarities d&d table

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The story of Relics and Rarities began with our friend’s invitation to a mysterious curio shop. They are told they need to aid in the destruction of an unholy prophecy. To support the team, every leg of the expedition a special guest is brought in. Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob, and Charlie Cox, Daredevil, are just two of the celebrity guests that viewers can look forward to. The proprietor of the shop allows each member of the party to take a special item before each segment of the journey. After the group is ready to shove off, the cast continues to a special D&D room, expertly decorated by Woll, to enhance the gameplay.

Overall, Relics and Rarities tells a tale of friendship, love, and unimaginable horror. Beryl teaches viewers to laugh in the face of danger, Veros shows that bravery will get you anywhere while Annabella and Rikki teach that true friendship is all anyone really needs. Their characters grow immensely from day one and the cast isn’t afraid to bear true emotions. With every roll of the die, I fell deeper and deeper in love with Relics and Rarities. I can’t praise it enough and I urge anyone that enjoys fantasy and has a sense of adventure to head on over to YouTube or VRV and binge every episode. In the end, I promise it will be a day well spent.