iGaming is the synonym for online gaming. It is wagering or betting on the outcome of a specific event or game using the internet. It could be either by use of money or some other value, for instance, chips or crypto. 

The result of whichever game or event you are wagering on will determine your winnings. Most people wonder if they should consider iGaming an eSport or not.

What is the link between iGaming and eSports?

iGaming may not be directly an eSport, but they have a direct link. That is because it ticks most if not all the boxes of any other game in that category. However, it involves gambling instead of playing the games directly. 

eSports is the playing of games online professionally for money or as a career. It has made people’s careers, and a few prominent people have risen out of eSports. iGaming is considered to be eSports because some of the games played online are bet on at the same time.

What types of games are in iGaming and eSports?

The most common games that people gamble on, which is basically what iGaming is, are those played professionally. They include slots, poker, blackjack, and all the games offered at UltraCasino.

When it comes to eSports gambling games, the names might sound different. That’s because it’s the usual video games kids and adults play for fun.


This game, alongside the next two, has probably shaped the gaming life of this generation, and it is getting better. Fortnite is played professionally on the internet, with many different organizers hosting tournaments as big as worldwide. 

Most of these games are battle royales, and Fortnite is no different. The games can be hosted at times even by casinos so that their clients can gamble.

Europe and the United States lead in terms of the number of tournaments hosted, benefiting gamblers based in these places. Epic Games is one of the biggest companies to host such tournaments. In a recent winter battle royale, over three million dollars was paid out during the competitive season.


This is another online game that has shaped the lives of many millennials. Most probably play it for enjoyment, during their free time. However, some people have specialized in playing PUBG online, whether it’s for an immediate prize or a monthly salary. 

The monthly salary is for the contracted professional gamers who are hired by companies or organizations. Gamers also depend on the game, because there are well-known teams that wagering on is a guarantee.

A big advantage of the game is that it has recently become more popular on mobiles. It is a clear advantage to all parties involved because more people have mobile phones than PCs. This means more gamers, more people betting on teams, and more money for everyone. Over the past few years, it has been considered Fortnite’s predecessor. This is a serious compliment considering how big the latter is.

League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the greatest online games of all time. It is officially the most played game in Esports history, with well over 80 million monthly players. 

Of the 80 million monthly players, 27 million of them play daily, with hundreds of thousands in dollars to play for. The game is also officially the second most profitable game in esports. An estimated 20 million worth of prizes has been given out since the game was released. 

This is the game with most tournaments in eSports, meaning more teams play. This means that more people bet on such teams because there are daily tournaments all over the world to choose from. The game has developed so much that it has a mobile version, a digital collectible card game, and an auto battler.

Call of Duty

Call of duty was the first-ever, and one of the longest-standing first-person shooter games ever. It has paved way for similar games like modern warfare, without falling off itself. In terms of esports and iGaming, the game’s prize pool has consistently been on the rise. The most recent prize pool was worth 6 million dollars. 

The amount does not include money put in by gamblers and investors. It has recently become more popular as a mobile game, rather than a console game as it was before. Being a mobile game has made it easier for the people who wager on it because they can watch the action. 

It is most popular in the United States where various tournaments are hosted, and in Asia. Some kids even play it as gamers, with a guardian aware of course.


This is a unique selection for many reasons. First, it is a card game, unlike the other games discussed which are action games. Also, the games talked about in this list are in their prime, being the most played or wagered on. Hearthstone, however, is past its prime and does not get as much attention as it used to. Its impact should however not be underrated, as it paved way for all the names in this list.

The card game was developed by blizzards and started off being played as a casual game, before transitioning into esports. The game never transitioned into a mobile game, and that is probably why it is no longer the most popular. The collectible card game is both an Esports and iGaming game, as it involves gambling as well.

Clash Royale

Clash royale is the only other card game on the list. It is a competitive card game whose strategies are like tower defense. The developers of the game have managed to keep it interesting by always keeping it busy. This is enabled by the heavy developer support that keeps a consistent schedule.

The game has some lucrative paydays, though not as high as the combat games. In the most recent clash royale league, a total of 380000 dollars was won by one online gaming team.


iGaming is just online gaming and everyone does it, except others do it for money. It is always important to remember to play responsibly. Also, depending on your state or country, it may be illegal to play if you aren’t of the right age.