“You know what time it is”. Welcome back for another addition of Overwatch Tips! Today we’ll be going over the gunslinger himself, Jesse McCree. He is a great pick on certain maps and can dominate an entire game if played right. Hopefully you can pick up a couple of things to help you excel with him.


Combat Roll

McCree’s roll is very plain to the novice eye but not only will it help you move quickly out of the way and perhaps help distance yourself from enemies, but it will also automatically fill the clip of your gun. So say you are wittling down a Roadhog but are starting to lose your advantage. You can try fanning the hammer up close, rolling back, and then hitting some accurate shots right to Roadhog’s head. Keep that in mind while also trying to move unpredictably.


Not only will McCree’s flashbang stop an enemy dead in their tracks making them more vulnerable, but will also stop some ultimates. Characters with constant shooting ultimates like Roadhog, Reaper, and Pharah will get their entire ult taken away when stunned. So finding that balance between saving your flashbang to stop the other team’s ult and just normally flashbanging the enemy team for easy kills is important.

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch- Blizzard Entertainment


McCree is at his best when he is shooting from midrange. From close he will be vulnerable and can’t keep track of the people in front of him. But too far and you get damage fall off and your stun is useless. So my advice would be: try to find areas where you can sneak some long shots for chip damage and when the enemy teams pushes, make them pay from midrange and other places that might be harder for them to see you in.

Strong and Weak Matchups

As McCree, it should be clear skies if you see the likes of Tracer, Reaper, and Roadhog. Those characters need to close that distance between you guys if they want any success. So keeping your space and interrupting the latter two’s ults will help you win those matchups. But it would be wise to try to avoid heroes like Pharah, Bastion, and Genji. Pharah is way too far away from you and can boop you away from her. Your damage fall off will handicap you way too much. It’s best to wait for her to land to make your move. Bastion is stationary and will help you make your shot, but he will see you if you don’t flank and McCree doesn’t have much mobility, so poking can end up being a very bad idea. And with Genji, he’ll be able to send everything you got right back at you, including your flashbang. So be conscious of his deflect and you will be able to take him out easier.

Hopefully you picked up a thing or two to help you play McCree a little bit better! See you next time!