LEGO Batman


In this new series, I will gush about my love for the licensed LEGO games. I will cover all of the games that I have played, ranging from really good to not as good.

I am not like many people when I say that Batman is my favorite superhero. I like the Dark Knight Trilogy and the lore of the character, but I do think that there are better ones out there. In fact, before I played this game, the only real knowledge I had of this game was from the Dark Knight Trilogy. Batman was cool, but I didn’t get the hype. LEGO Batman rolls around and makes me more of a Batman fan than I could have ever really imagined.

LEGO Batman was a game my brother wanted and I tagged along to watch. When we got the game, it was a whole new side to the character and the world that I had never seen before. I had never heard the Danny Elfman score, I had never seen such bright colors in a Batman world, and I had no clue how many villains there were in the universe. We loved this game so much, that we got a physical guide to the game that told us where every secret was as well as every unlockable character. We racked up as many studs as we could, and bought every extra, character and costume we could possibly get in the game. With all these fond memories, I expected to look back on the game and think that it was not as good as I remember, but fortunately, this game is just as good, if not better, than what I remembered when I was playing this game for the first time.

For starters, this game is unlike most LEGO games as it is very unlike any other LEGO game because it had a story that was not based on an already existing story. LEGO made their own mega story to be in the game and every level of the game has a boss battle. That makes about 15 different Batman villains to fight in every level, and some are fought more than once. As someone who wasn’t initially into the Batman Universe that much, seeing all of the villains that I will be able to fight and buy as a collectible character was absolutely insane. There are three teams of bad guys that are the main three story lines and they all are incredibly fun to play through. Every story has a unique setting that is based on the main villain of the story and the bosses in each area is a blast to fight.

I mentioned that I hadn’t heard the Danny Elfman score from the 1989 Batman, but when it is used in this game, it is so great and blends beautifully with the campy but dark nature of the Batman franchise. All of the music used for less important events is still great too. A critique I had with LEGO Indiana Jones is the overuse of the main theme. There is a lot of usage of the Batman theme in this game, but it never felt annoying or overplayed.

In this game, there are vehicle stages that are unique to each story. The Riddler has a car stage, the Penguin has a boat stage, and the Joker has a flight stage. There have been vehicle stages in other LEGO games, but they are not nearly as good as the stages in LEGO Batman. Each vehicle stage has a large area to explore, with oodles of enemies and fantastic chases and boss battles. I love the way that the developers made these levels, as the areas feel like normal levels, but the ability to speed around Gotham City in various vehicles is thrilling.

The combat is basic LEGO combat, but it is more satisfying due to the sound effects and the creative ways in which Batman beats up enemies. The puzzle solving is really good, as Batman and Robin have suits unique to them and they can use the abilities from those suits to get past obstacles and do things that can help beat the villains of the game. Those suits are even relatively unique to the character. Batman has a sonar suit that can break glass with the high pitched noise gun, and Robin has a tech suit that can activate tech panels. Batman and Robin also have Bat-a-rangs that can help them hit far away targets or chain hits on enemies.

Overall, this game is a fantastic world of great music, fun boss battles and wonderful areas to explore. So far this is the best game in the LEGO Game Galore series that I have covered.