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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×15: “The Book of the Apocalypse-Chapter One: The Alpha.”

If there’s one thing about the Pierce family, they love having family dinners. During the dinner Jefferson wants to get everyone on the same page with all the crazy stuff going on in Freeland lately so he gives his daughters a code to abide by. #1: Don’t tell anyone about their powers; #2: Never go out into the field without backup and yes Gambi counts; and #3: They are never to kill. Jennifer and Anissa are both on board with the first two rules but not so much the 3rd one. Anissa thinks she’s grown so she can do what she wants and Jenn still wants revenge on Tobias. Eventually they both agree.

The Pierce Family Code (Courtesy of the Cw)

Meanwhile, Tobias is finally letting his metas out of their cage. He lets out a pyro, “Heatstroke,” a cryo,”Coldsnap,” and a hydro,”New Wave,” as they wake from their chambers Tobias introduces himself to the metas.

Gambi, who was been investigating the death of Todd Green, thinks he might have found a way to find the stolen metas using “flowing radiation.” Jenn who is in the bunker with them can’t seem to put on her suit right.

LaLa, recently brought back from the dead in the last episode, believes his purpose is to kill Tobias, as we are reminded he killed Lady Eve. The re-awakening guy believes for LaLa to rest he needs to kill Tobias. He tells him if he dies he can always come back from the dead and he gives LaLa a gun.

In the bunker, Jennifer is testing her powers with the base of her new suit. Jefferson never thought he’d be here with Jennifer and has a flashback of memories with young Jennifer. Jenn realizes that look on his face and calls him out for having sappy thoughts. Jenn and Jeff go out to lunch and Jenn tries to get Jeff to understand that Tobias needs to go, he’s the root of all their problems. Jeff doesn’t think they should be able to play god and tells her that’s a path that only leads to darkness.

Anissa comes down to the bunker to ask Gambi for some help with Grace. Gambi thinks that she may be a shapeshifter and the dead horse may be its actual form. Gambi tells her that if Grace does love her she’ll eventually come back.

Lynn is still helping the lone meta, Wendy, and enlists Parenna to help her. Wendy knows that Lynn doesn’t like working for O’Dell.

At Tobias’, he brings out Marcus, one of the metas we met a few weeks ago to spar with one of the other metas. Marcus tells Tobias he’s not a dog before Cutter slits his throat out of self defense of Tobias. Tobias is mad at first but then kisses his girl Cutter and walks off.

Lynn and Jennifer are talking on the phone (still being recorded by O’Dell by the way) and Lynn asks Jenn to come talk to Wendy “one weirdo to another,” as Jenn says. O’Dell storms in to tell Lynn he needs Wendy for testing. Lynn freaks out and tells him that she’s not doing anymore tests. O’Dell calmly walks out, but he was not at all happy.

After talking on the roof with Jenn, Anissa remembers a conversation she had with Grace when her eyes were changing. Anissa tells Jenn that she thinks Grace is a meta and that she ran because she was afraid of telling her. Anissa goes back out to find her.

Is Grace really a shapeshifter? (Courtesy of SpoilerTv/The CW)

Tobias let’s the pyro out and his first objective is to take out Councilman Kwame Parker. After publicly killing Councilman Parker, “Heatstroke,” heads to the mall and starts heating up gas pipes which start blowing up random houses in West Freeland where Jennifer is. Gambi leaves to get her.

Black Lightning shows up and fights Heatstroke, using his lightning shield he is able to block the flames long enough for Thunder to show up. Tobias has to call back his meta, as nobody will want to buy a dead meta.

Heatstroke Gets Away (Courtesy of the CW)

In the bunker, Gambi leaves to help Black Lightning and Thunder, Jennifer however decides to snoop into Gambi’s computer and finds Tobias’ location.

LaLa, makes his way to Tobias’ and confronts Cutter. Cutter throws one of her knives into LaLa’s neck but LaLa can’t die. Cutter runs away as LaLa shoots at her. Tobias is pissed at the situation and breaks the glass of one of the pods.

As Tobias and Cutter are getting away Jenn flies in to kill Tobias but her suit is not ready yet and she can’t control the heat she’s giving off. Jenn tells Tobias she’s coming for him and then the episode ends.


The penultimate episode of the season, “The Alpha,” perfectly sets up the finale with some great character development and is able to tie together a majority of the plot lines that have been going on throughout the season.

Now that Tobias has his metas and is ready to start getting rich and using them for world domination, not only is LaLa on his tail, but so is Jennifer (incomplete suit and all). We’ve been waiting for Jennifer to suit up all season and become Lightning and we’re finally almost there.

While we didn’t get any new Anissa-Grace scenes this week, were at-least a little closer to finding out what Grace is as Gambi believes she’s a shapeshifter. While this plot line hasn’t been the most interesting throughout the season, I’m still interested in seeing where it’s going in the finale and if it will somehow connect with the rest of the plot.

Jefferson has been out of the Black Lightning suit about 98% of the time this season so it was nice to actually see him and Thunder do some crime fighting this episode even know it was short lived. Hopefully the finale will give us the Black Lightning family team up we’ve all been waiting for since the pilot.

I thought the set up of this episode with Jefferson giving the family a code to follow was very smart even though in the end Jenn decides to go against it. Who will be the one to kill Tobias? LaLa? Jennifer? Will Cutter die? I have so many questions.

+Tied up most of the plots

+Jennifer ready to become Lightning

+LaLa on the path to kill Tobias

-Anissa-Grace plot still lagging behind the rest

+ Actual Black Lightning crime fighting scene

+Introduced a bunch of new metas

+Sets up a great finale