Episode 9 shows a lot of character development, especially in the Robinson’s clan. When we first encountered Will and Penny, they were pretty unsure of themselves, scared, and even a little bit overwhelmed with their new environment. Even after suffering many trials and tribulations. Now, they are taking charge and problem-solving in the typical Robinson fashion. And they will utilize these newfound skills to help Robot get Scarecrow back home because he is dying. While I am giddy about the character development of important characters, we forget that not everyone is for the Robinson’s. And we are quickly brought back to reality when the show cuts to a scene with Hastings. Hastings still has betrayal and corruption on his mind. And this time his plan is to leave Maureen and John on the big gas planet. Maureen was trying to correct her mistake and Hastings used that to his advantage. But no one is aware that they are still outside of the ship. It doesn’t look good for them as they watch the Resolute fly off. But there is hope because the Resolute has to orbit the planet one more time in order to collect enough chemicals to clean the water from the Rust planet. Maureen and John manage to inform Judy before comms are lost.

Oh, we’re back in the trash chute. Will and Penny are trying to figure out where Robot wants to take Scarecrow and it’s the Amber planet, where the horse friend of Robot’s died. The same ring that they found on the water planet is also found on the Amber planet. But, it won’t be that simple. Victor has basically declared the Robinson’s thieves and fugitives. And Dr. Smith is going to help them get inside the Robinson’s head. It makes me wonder what June is up to (June is Dr. Smith). We already know she has a strong sense of self-preservation and she is even willing to kill to ensure her survival. So is this just another tactic. Technically, yes because they all want to get to Alpha Centauri and they can’t fly the ship without Robot. But Robot is pissed that they hurt his friend and has gone rogue. But now Judy is in on the coup and the real Dr. Smith’s daughter. Now, it’s a matter of time before they’re either caught or their plan works.

But, HOLD THE PHONE, we cannot forget about John and Maureen floating willy nilly on this gas planet in two maintenance pods, and she is out of fuel. Since they have some time to kill before the Resolute comes back around, they decide to talk about Maureen’s actions to get Will onboard the Resolute after he failed his tests. Maureen is feeling guilty about it because of the position they are put in now. But in all honesty I believe would do the same thing. I think that is the reason why he wasn’t angry although it was Hastings who is thinks he is all powerful and there is really no one to check him. So he can pretty much do what he wants as he has demonstrated. So, while they are floating and talking about hard things, to their shock and amazement they see a huge fish like creature swimming through the gasses of the Gas planet. It’s truly beautiful will long bioluminescent fins. This creature then hits their pods and knocks them off course. So not only do they have to hook the Resolute, they also have to get back on course. But no feat is too difficult for the Robinsons.

Judy comes up with a plan to get Scarecrow back home. This plan entails obtaining a Jupiter and Penny decides the Vijay is the one to ask. But then he makes her see that she is taking advantage of their friendship. And she also realizes it too and they come to an amicable agreement and I think that their relationship has definitely had a little development. More importantly, Penny is coming into her own. She begins to think like Smith and Penny know that Smith is helping them know. So, they have to do something very drastic in order for their plan to work. They use a bait and switch and Will and Robot make it to the ship. But Victor is ahead of the game. However, he has a change of heart and ends up helping will because Robot sacrificed himself for Scarecrow. And now Robot will steer the ship. Hastings then sends out the announcement that the Resolute has what it needs and it is time to go, and Maureen and John see their chance to sneak back on to the Resolute.