Premiering on FOX October 1st of this year (in a perfect time slot right after the Simpsons and before Family Guy), Ghosted is a buddy comedy packed with action, intrigue, and even some scares that you’ve got to see to believe. Starring Craig Robinson, an actor you may recognize from many well-known comedies in past years, such as Pineapple Express, The Office, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Adam Scott, who has starred in a wider variety of content, such as the recent Big Little Lies, Parks and Recreation, and Party Down; based on the actors alone, you know you’re in for something good. The trailers, too, leave you wanting more.

One man, Leroy Wright (Craig Robinson), is a former missing persons detective with the LAPD, current mall security guard, and a non-believer. The other, Max Allison (Adam Scott), a former astrophysics professor at Stanford and current bookstore clerk, is a believer through and through – so much so that he claims his wife was actually abducted by aliens.

Both men are taken by the Bureau Underground, an agency that investigates the paranormal, the extraterrestrial (two of my favorite subjects) – basically anything out of the ordinary – and they give them a mission: save the planet. Ghosts, aliens, and, yes, even zombies! I can’t wait to watch this! But first, they must find one of the Bureau Underground’s very own agents – abducted by unknown and potentially inhuman forces, and now missing in action. Watch October 1st and find out what happened to the agent and if and how these two save the world. Here is the panel in case you missed it!

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