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TEAM ARROW ATTEMPTS TO WORK WITH SCPD — Team Arrow attempts to work with the Star City Police Department but much to Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) frustration, things don’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Dinah (Juliana Harkavy) gets some life-changing news.

Team Arrow is training with the police cadets including Felicity per the Mayor’s orders—everything needs to be done by the book. Dinah has also been cleared and is back in action. Oliver is fulling on board with doing everything right as he wants the baby to come in to a better home.

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In the future, Mia and William do some bonding in Star City, looking for a microcassette player. William and his rich boy money, gets hustled.

Back in the present some criminal types are testing out poison bullets because what else would bad guys do in their free time. SCPD has found the bodies which means the new cadets are on the case—looks like they’ve got a good ol’ fashioned gang war on their hands.

Bronze Tiger calls a meeting with Laurel Lance. Diaz is dead, Slabside is covering it up but Tiger knows who killed him. He wants his freedom and if not that at the very least he wants to see his son in person.

Like bad guys do, they’re buying weapons and selling. So, Team Arrow is going out with the SCPD. Pollard also has declared that they need to try in SCPD uniform and use their weapons—so they are basically just cops now.

More poison bullets are being sold. SCPD makes their move. Things don’t go great. The baddies get away, a cop gets shot, Dinah’s powers aren’t 100% and Felicity can’t track the baddies because the police computers suck. Seems to me that playing by the book isn’t really working.

Back at SCPD, Team Arrow gets chewed out by the training sergeant. On the bright side, they’ve tracked the bullets’ chemical to Midas Medical. Team Arrow wants to strike but they need a warrant since they are playing by the rules now.  Dinah and Rene are doing some real police work—going through boxes and boxes of evidence to try and connect Midas to the bullets. Rene thinks it time for some vigilante work. Dinah explains her ass is on the line, this whole thing needs to work. Good news, another officer found probable cause and Dinah is off to get a warrant.

Uh, oh, Oliver has taken matter into his own hands and has decided James Midas, “has failed this city.’ Oliver persuades him to confuse in regards to selling of the chemical, Ollie then proceeds to arrest him. So, maybe Dinah knows. I’m not too sure myself.

And I was right, Oliver screwed up. At SCPD, Mayor Pollard is apologizing to Midas and escort him out of the building, while a pissed of Dinah follows behind. Oliver is in trouble. After Dinah herself is chewed out, she chews out Oliver and rightfully so.

Bronze Tiger is reunited with his son Connor, whom he calls his little hawk. Connor Hawke? But isn’t he supposed to be Diggle’s son. Interesting. As promised Bronze Tiger delivers. Diaz’s killer wore green leather but it wasn’t Oliver. Looks like Emiko is a murderer.

A down in the dumps Dinah confides in Rene about her powers not working being the reason why she is going extra hard with the police work. Of course he boosts her up saying how she doesn’t need her powers and all that jazz—he is a good dude.

The Arrow Cave is back in commission, which means Oliver and Felicity are taking down Midas without the SCPD. The partnership is over, until Diggle shows up and talks the two off them out of it especially when he hears about the new baby coming.

Back in the future, William and Mia work together to find a way to get the microcassette back. Through teamwork they are able to get it back.

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Oliver apologies to Dinah at the Arrow Cave and wants to team up again but do things a little different. Felicity was able to legally track Midas, so now it is time for Team Arrow to really suit up.

Midas is selling more chemicals to baddies. Team Arrow is back and Midas and his thugs are no match for them. The chemicals are secure and Midas has been nabbed. The SCPD even shows up to secure the chemicals and Midas.

Due to this bust being a success a new deal has been dealt to Pollard—the are now Vigilantes who actually work for the SCPD. They can work out of the cave and use their costumes and gear but are fully sanctioned by the SCPD. So, they are back to being the normal Team Arrow but working with the 5-0. Also, the tech Felicity used hints at the future Archer program.

Dinah meets Emiko and calls her out on murdering Diaz and threatens to tell Oliver. Emiko rebuttals with who is going to believe the Black Siren. Uh oh.

At home Oliver has picked a name out for the baby if it’s a girl, Mia, short for Moira.

In the future, the two sibling play the tape. The tape says they were keep apart to protect them and then Felicity drops some coordinates on them, tells them to get them to the team and to get out of Star City. They aren’t going to leave and the coordinates lead to the Glades.

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