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***This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×16: “The Book of the Apocalypse-Chapter Two: The Omega.”

Picking up right where we left off at the end of the last episode, Jenn’s suit is overloading with energy as Gambi finds her laying on the ground. Gambi tells Jenn to go to her safe space and find Parenna to snap her out of her condition. Jenn finally snaps out of her state, but in the process almost fatally burns Gambi. Black Lightning and Thunder come to help Gambi who’s in a coma.

Tobias, who’s tired of Black Lightning always being up in his stuff, even after killing him twice, comes up with a plan to take Black Lightning’s powers away for good by turning all the power off in the city.

Meanwhile, Black Lightning follows up on his lead and finds all the pod kids. As Lynn shows up, so does Dr.Jace. Lynn and Jace fight until Lynn slams Jace’s head into the ground. Jace wants them to protect her from the ASA after she helped Tobias. Eventually they hand her over into police custody.

Back at the Sanctum, Thunder is fixing up Gambi when she says that he’ll be alright and that she wouldn’t be surprised if he was Batman.

Gambi, the new Batman? (Courtesy of the CW)

Tobias is talking to his dead sisters painting and playing chess when Cutter comes down the stairs. Cutter set up violence on strategic parts of the city and now members of the 100 are joining in, causing chaos in Freeland.

Flying high above Freeland (Courtesy of the CW)

Agent O’Dell who has been tracking the Pierce family, finds Lynn with the pod kids and gets his team to come sweep them up.

As the chaos continues in the streets, Tobias cuts off the power in Freeland. Gambi finally wakes up and contacts Jefferson who is flying above Freeland. Gambi warns Jeff that he needs to get down because he is losing power, Jeff then shuts off the comms. Gambi, Thunder and Lightning decide to go out and help but Gambi doesn’t trust Jenn without her being trained and all. Jenn ends up convincing him to let her come with, as long as she follows his exact instructions.

Don’t mess with Lightning y’all (Courtesy of the CW)

While in the cell, a teleporting bounty hunter, who we met a few episodes back, comes for Dr.Jace.

Thunder meets up with Black Lightning who’s about to go up against Tobias’ meta army. During the fight, LaLa helps Black Lightning who was running out of juice. Anissa meanwhile is being suspended in a aqua tunnel before Black Lightning rises up and helps her. The both of them fight together and knock the rest of the metas down.

Thunder in action (Courtesy of the CW)

In a surprising scene, Reverend Holt (who we presumed was dead) is holding service during the time of need.

With all the power being out in the city, Gambi uses Jenn and her powers to defrost the cities generators and restore power to Freeland.

Now that the power is on, Cutter decides that she is finally done with Tobias. Tobias decides to free all the pod kids.

Lynn and O’Dell are at the scene when the pod kids are released. After being in the pods for 30 years, the kids wander throughout the warehouse unaware of what is going on. Black Lightning and Thunder arrive to find the kids out and about. Lynn believes she can trace the signal back to the briefcase.

LaLa shows up to kill Tobias but let’s not forget Tobias has LaLa mind controlled. First, Tobias tells LaLa “The Devil deals the cards,” but that doesn’t work on him. LaLa shoots him but it doesn’t effect Tobias. Tobias then says “E Pluribus Unum,” and that makes all the tattoos come out of LaLa.

Lightning then shows up and comes for Tobias. Lightning has Tobias all roped up in her electricity but Black Lightning won’t let her kill him. Jefferson has a flash back of his dad and all the bad things Tobias did and then he tells Jenn that Tobias is his. Finally, he takes all his frustration and takes Tobias down.

O’Dell is shown with a bunch of the pod metas and one of them is a not so dead Khalil AKA Painkiller.

Tobias is taken into a meta human prison and has power dampening cuffs placed on him. The main guard tells Tobias to abandon all hope because he’s not getting out of there.

The Pierce family can finally sit down for a moment after getting a huge win by putting Tobias away. Jefferson starts crying because in the first time in a long time, he’s happy. Jefferson feels guilty because he gets to eat peach cobbler with his family and there’s families out there that can’t eat. They start dancing and celebrating but Agent O’Dell comes to spoil the families moment.

O’Dell starts off by telling them that he knows exactly who all of them are (being super-heroes) that the Markovian’s have the biggest stockpile of meta-humans in pods in the world and now they have Dr.Jace. With all the meta-humans and experimented pod-kids in Freeland, the city has now become the Markovian’s biggest threat and now could become ground zero for a meta-human war, setting up the Markovian’s as the potential big bad for season 3.


Season 2 ends on an extremely high and fitting note, while perfectly setting up the big bad’s for season 3. While the season 1 finale perfectly wrapped up the threads of the first season, “The Omega,” wrapped up most of the storylines of the 2nd season (except Grace Choi) while also giving us a lot to ponder about for season 3, like the incoming Meta-War and the resurrection of Khalil (Painkiller).

While we finally got a glimpse of Lightning’s new suit at the end of the last episode, we finally got to see Jennifer’s suit in all its glory, and I have to say it’s pretty impressive and makes me think that Anissa may be clamoring for a new suit next season.

The inclusion of LaLa at the end of the season may not have had a lot of effect of the plot, since you know he fails killing Tobias, but it’s always great seeing Will Catlett show up and tortured by Tobias. The inclusion of the brain washing Tobias had on him and his “Tatoo Man,” name calling had me thinking this was season one again.

All in all, I thought this was a great season of Black Lightning, although there were some missteps on the way. I felt that the finale raised the bar from last year and fittingly wrapped up the main storyline from the first two seasons. While Tobias will presumably be back next season, fans will have a lot to think about before Black Lightning comes back on our television sets next fall.

+Jennifer’s suit

+ LaLa and Tobias

+Meta human fight scene with Thunder and Black Lightning

+ Actually seeing the actors in their suits for a majority of the episode

+Sets up incoming threat for season 3

+Tobias in prison

+Batman reference

– No Grace Choi mention