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If there’s one thing we’ve seen a plethora of in real life lately, it’s people abusing the emergency component of the 9-1-1 line. But what about the dispatchers that don’t take certain calls seriously? In last week’s episode, 9-1-1 explored a rogue emergency dispatcher ignoring desperate folks and some of the awful people the responders have to deal with.

As Athena is content in her decision to remain a sergeant, her contentment is sorely tested by a group of bigoted jackholes harassing of all things, a veteran’s funeral. The vile racist, homophobes are led by a scooter-bound jerk with a leaking colostomy bag (if you don’t know what that is, don’t look it up people, just don’t). As the jacka*s falls out, he’s cognizant and racist enough to demand Hen and Chim don’t touch him, as well as Diaz. When the offensive troglodyte passes out, the team works to stabilize and transport him. Even when dealing with awful people, the professionalism is on point.

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As for Maddie, she’s finding out just how difficult the job can be. After thinking she’s found a work buddy in Gloria, her ride-a-long with Athena shows just how awful new work buddy Gloria is. After going to a Chinese spot for lunch, they discover the owner shot and bleeding out. He insists that he called 9-1-1 and was hung up on. Upon further review back at dispatch, Maddie discovers Gloria has thousands of hangups. Couldn’t understand the caller. She hung up. Didn’t think it was an emergency. She hung up. Simply annoyed. She hung up! Maddie did the right thing and took it to her supervisors. Let’s just say Gloria wasn’t too pleased. After threatening and harassing, Gloria finds herself with egg on her face when she’s in an accident and Maddie is her dispatcher. Karma man!

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On the personal front, Hen and her wife Karen have been in a pretty good place after Hen’s infidelity rocked their relationship. They’re sorely tested when Hen’s ex Eva drags their son’s biological father into the picture. After admitting he never signed away his parental rights, Hen and Karen are absolutely devastated and livid. When Hen finds Eva passed out from an overdose she has a brief moment of weakness: she nearly walks away from the situation, leaving Eva to aspirate and die. She regains her sense of decency and calls emergency services while administering aid. She and Karen have one less thing to worry about when Denny’s bio-father advises them he loves how he’s being raised and he sees no reason to butt in. Not so awful people sometimes after all.

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