Hello, and welcome back to our weekly review of The Good Doctor. We have another filler episode but it still mentions the investigation, so you know the other shoe is going to drop at some point. But, instead, let us dive right into the episode. Oh snap. Park picked up his phone at work with Claire in the same room. She of course teases him as the exchange is not work related, but so cute, before Park admits it is his ex-wife, Mia. He even mentions he is trying to be more open. Claire says she will be happy to be there for him, either way things might go.

gd 2.13.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

A woman named Sunny Lee comes in with no heartbeat, but blood flows to her extremities. Melendez, Claire and Park taking her on as their patient. It turns out she has a mechanical heart, which should create blood pressure, but something is going wrong with the mechanics. It seems the patient got her transplant in Beijing. Dr. Lim speaks Mandarin, and helps Dr. Melendez contact to the hospital Sunny received the implant from. Suddenly, the shoe drops as it is revealed Teresa, who came into the room and called Sunny Mom, isn’t her daughter, just someone she met at a volunteer program. Her real daughter, Grace, shows up, but the impostor reveals it has been 15 years since Sunny and Grace talked. Grace explained her mother pushed her away, bashing her dreams and claiming going for her talent, singing, will leave her homeless, which is why Grace stopped talking to her mother.

They decide to fly Sunny out to China for the replacement, and Teresa sits with her, comforting her as she prepares for the flight. Grace approaches, asking why Sunny never called, but it only causes Sunny to become stressed and her heart to crash. Grace and Teresa do not see eye to eye, having known the woman over 10 years apart. People change, with time. Park goes and sits with Grace, talking about Teresa, and Sunny as Grace grew up verses now. But then Sunny becomes worse. Melendez, Claire and Park discuss fixing the mechanical heart, which most likely has a broken impeller. They bounce ideas, before Claire mentions 3D printing a new impeller, just until they get a replacement from China. Once they open up the machine up though, they find it working perfectly fine. Claire says maybe the aorta is narrowing, causing the blood pressure issue. Luckily, it is, and the surgery was a success. Park mentions the first words out of Sunny’s mouth to Grace were ‘You look pretty’. Teresa forces Sunny to talk with Grace before going to China. Grace pours her heart out into an apology, before Sunny admits she has gone to a few of her daughter’s shows. Seems they are going to work things out

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Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Lim, Morgan and Shaun have a patient named Lana with Autism. I do love how Morgan glances at Shaun when it is revealed, and Lim makes a comment about how they don’t know each other. Morgan tries to cover, saying she wanted to know his thoughts. He thinks they should go for an endovascular embolization to remove the grade two arteriovenous malformation in her brain. In Medical Terminology, most things are just words combined to describe something. In this case, an incorrect (mal) formation developed in the space between the arteries (arterio) and the veins (venous). Javi is Lana’s room-mate, but visits her in the hospital. Morgan is confused, as she thought Javi was acting like her boyfriend. But then she begins to question if that is just how people with Autism act. Shaun brings up Lea’s new boyfriend. Lana develops micro bleeds, and needs surgery to cut out the formation. Morgan tries to explain the need for surgery, but Lana doesn’t react quickly, making her think she isn’t getting through. But as Javi returns, she realizes Lana understood everything, it just took a little bit for her to respond. Afterwards, Lana admits she wants to have sex with Javi, to relax her before surgery. Morgan questions Lana’s and Javi’s relationship as it is revealed they have sex, but Lana explains it’s more convenient. Lim shuts Morgan down, saying there needs to be no labels, it works for them. The surgery could affect Lana’s speech, so Shaun mentions waking her up, and having her talk through the surgery, to note any changes. They decide to have Javi in the room to keep her talking. Shaun approaches with the idea of trivia, but Morgan brings up love, which Javi shuts down. Still, as they do the surgery, he does come in to keep her talking, letting the doctors monitor her speech patterns. After the surgery, Javi admits he might be in love with Lana.

While Jake and Lea are hanging out more and more, Lea is worried how Shaun will react. Instead, Shaun seems very accepting of Jake, even going so far as prepare a tray of popcorn and OJ for a movie night for the group. Sadly, Lea didn’t explain her intentions well enough, and she had hoped it was just going to be Jake and her, not all three, but after a beat, feels bad and decides to hang with him as a group. Still, Shaun seems to understand, and tries to give the young couple space. I actually think Lea was hoping Shaun would be jealous of her boyfriend, but isn’t. I think she will break up with Jake after a bit, even though he is a nice guy.

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Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Glassman is going through Chemo, and not feeling well when he first wakes up. Sadly, most people understand chemo, and the effect often seen in loved ones. I know them personally- My grandmother had a long battle over many years and a few remissions. It often makes the body weak and nauseous, as your body is shot with chemicals in small areas, hoping to kill all the cells, healthy or not. Shaun is concerned with the nausea, but trusts Glassman. Glassman gets a bit snappy with Shaun, but I think it is just stress. Shaun leaves, but stops by expectantly, and finds Glassman with an IV, for his dehydration most likely- when you vomit, you lose water, and exert yourself. Glassman admits he has been lying about his pain, and nausea, just to keep Shaun from worrying. He tells Shaun he doesn’t want him here. At the end of the episode, Shaun goes to visit Glassman, just to sit next to him as he gets sick.

And that is it for this episode. We saw some flirty Lim and Melendez, but only one elevator ride, and a mention of a hunt got a new Chief of Surgery. Personally- I hope Glassman becomes healthy enough to resume his position as President of the Hospital, and Andrews returns to being the Chief of Surgery. But, that’s all for now! Until next week, Stay Shiny!