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Maura hosts a group sleepover at her house. The clock chimes late into the night as secrets and masks threaten the death of friendships.

This episode had me reliving my sleepover experiences, and it’s true that sleepovers can be fun, but sometimes things can go south pretty fast. It’s when secrets come out that your friendships can be tested.

As we jump into this episode, we get a glimpse that Maya is still masturbating in her room, and I guess she got over the fact that her Ojichan is constantly watching over her. It’s the day of Maura’s sleepover, and it’s pretty clear that Maya is a little hesitant about going. She still is getting a bad feeling about Maura, and I was with her. In “Samland,” Sam is still figuring out who his true friends are, and time and time again now, his popular friends are ignoring him. He ends up hanging out with Gabe. I do want to say that I like that we’re getting little glimpses still of Sam’s life, but I wish we would see more of him. It sucks that he’s not friends with Maya and Anna anymore, so these back and forth scenes of his storylines, compared to the girls, is kind of disjointed.

When Maya and Anna get to the sleepover, Maura and a few other girls are there already eating and talking. Maya and Anna thought it would be funny if Maya hid in her bag beforehand so that she could reenact the Ace Ventura scene, where Jim Carrey comes out the rhinos butt, but it didn’t go over well with the rest of the girls. In true Maura fashion, she changes into a jerk and says that Maya and Anna are weird and that she didn’t appreciate them being late. At this point, I’m pretty sure Maura is bi-polar. There’s something going on with her, but at the same time, she is still manipulative. Maya and Anna talk to Maura to make sure she’s not mad at them, and at that time, we see that Maya gets her period. This is every girl’s nightmare. Getting your period when you least expect it, and ruing your whole night. Also, they showed that Maya bled through her underwear, which is also a nightmare. I just can’t believe that she uses toilet paper as her pads. I’m guessing that she didn’t tell her mom about it yet, so she hasn’t bought any feminine products yet. When Maya goes downstairs, that girls are playing the game called “concentrate,” where you start by saying, “crack an egg on your head, let the yolk drip down…” This was very nostalgic for me because I played this game all the time at sleepovers. Thinking about what this game is about, it’s pretty morbid because it’s about seeing how you’re going to die, but back then, it was super fun to play. Maura tells the girls that she wants everyone to stay up all night, and to do that, they’re going to drink Surge. Man, I loved Surge back then. It’s basically like Mountain Dew, except it has caffeine in it, and sadly, I think that’s why they got taken off the market. Afterwards, the girls play truth or dare, and of course, things got out of control. This was Maura’s chance to mess with Maya and Anna’s friendship again, and she did a successful job. She found out that Maya had a crush on Sam, and she prank called him. But after she prank calls him, but get a little more insight into his and Gabe’s hangout. They’re being typical dudes. Illegally drinking cheap beer and watching porn, and we find out how far the guys have gotten with a girl. Sam had gotten farther than Gabe, but then we see that Gabe might be crushing on Sam. That was shocking. The awkwardness was there in the room and I’m interested to see if Gabe decides to make a move on Sam later on. Back at the sleepover, Maya goes to bathroom again, and the girls decide to lock her in the bathroom, and make her do Bloody Mary. I did that once, and my friend and I freaked ourselves out. I’m pretty sure something happened in that bathroom, but I’m sure my mind was messing with me. During the night, Maura wakes everyone up and tells them that someone clogged the toilet. She assumed that someone had their period and pinpoints it on Maya. Maya tries to deny it, but Maura tries to pull down her pants. This made me so mad. I feel like this is something that would happen at a sleepover, if you had an annoying friend, and it’s just plain wrong. Horrifically, Maya’s makeshift pad falls out and everyone freaks out. What’s gross, is that she puts it back in her pants. GROSS!! And yet again, this is when Maura struck again. She tells Anna, that Maya lied to her about not having her period, and once again, Maya and Anna’s friendship is messed with.

The next day, Anna goes over to Maura’s house and they are playing. Anna has Maura’s wallet and picks up a magazine. She makes a connection that the girl that was apparently Maura’s friend back home, is actually fake. Maura had cut out a picture of a girl and put her in her wallet. She confronts Maura about it, and that’s when Maura loses it. Her mom runs into the room and has to hold her back, and that signaled to me that maybe Maura has some mental health issues. I could be wrong, but she has some socialization issues. And it looked like Maura’s mom has had to deal with that before. Anna goes to Maya’s house and tells her what happened. They talk about keeping secrets from each other, and we end the episode, with Maya confessing all her secrets. They’re pretty funny, but she does finally come clean about her masturbation, which brings this episode, kind of full circle.