“Pose”- An Ode to Ball Culture

#Pose proves a house can be a home
Courtesy of Pose/FX Network

Serving 1987 New York City fierceness, showrunner Ryan Murphy’s “Pose” explores the underground ball scene of the excessive 80’s. Balls-a competition, fashion show, dance-off and rave rolled into together-served (and continue to serve) the extremely marginalized communities of Black and Latinx LGBTQ folks. Consisting of “houses” competing against each other, a ball offered respite from a world unwilling to recognize the humanity of all people.

Courtesy of Pose/FX Network

Debuting to critical praise and audience joy, “Pose” also is the first network or cable show to boast a cast of five trans actors as series regulars. Lending authenticity, the show seems committed to exploring a subset culture that many have been unaware of. With gorgeous costuming. Standout performances and the always awesomeness of the 80’s to back it up, “Pose” should prove to be a massive darling for FX this summer.

Courtesy of Pose/FX Network

You can catch “Pose” Sundays at 6PM on FX or fx.com

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