*Warning this episode review does contain spoilers.*

      The summer has come to an end in the first episode of Riverdale Season 4, but this summer revealed the most heartbreaking moment in Riverdale History. The show opened up with Cheryl talking to her brother’s corpse, which I think is very gross. I love the HBIC of Riverdale, but this is TMI. Cheryl should’ve gone to therapy over the summer because having a rottin corpse in the house isn’t healthy. I highly doubt that Toni would be on board with this, so I assumed that she hasn’t seen it yet. I believe that Cheryl is continuing Edgar’s fake therapy because she doesn’t feel complete without her twin brother.

Meanwhile, the group of friends enjoyed lunch at pops to catch up, but tragedy stuck Riverdale once again as it always does with one phone call. Archie expected to hear his dad answer the phone after looking at his caller Id, but it was an officer informing Archie that his father was killed. I expected the production team to make Luke Perry’s a murder mystery since Riverdale is known for its tragedy, but they surprised me by making it very honorable for his real identity as well as his character. I thought it was the perfect way to pay tribute to him. Not dying in a hit and run crash, but having the town come together to share love and memories of him. Everyone Fred came in contact with, he left a powerful impact on. Nothing, but great things were said.

I didn’t expect Archie to grieve as quietly as he did, but it was nice to see that his friends were there with him every step of the way and never left him alone. I admired the way Veronica cared for him even in the absence of her own parents. Even when Archie decided to bring his father home, she stood by him. In the last season, I doubted her feelings and intentions of being with Archie because she was being too flip-flop, but I can tell that she really loves Archie and only Archie. I hope that these two really stay together, even though I really don’t like Veronica, I feel like they could be endgame. Fred really did make Archie out to be a good man. He’s courageous, caring, and also the heart of Riverdale….just like Fred.

I feared that Archie’s anger would eventually get the best of him, which it did when F.P revealed the man who killed his father. I felt bad that Archie regretted his father being a good man by helping a woman on the side of the road. He wished his father wasn’t didn’t have to be a hero, but that’s just who he was. When Archie brought his father’s body home, the whole town stood outside to pay their respects for the man who was truly the heart of Riverdale. At his funeral, Archie said that his father built Riverdale. He helped place a brick on some buildings, but more importantly, he built the community off of love and family.

I know that it won’t be easy for Archie to let go of the fact that his father is no longer with him, but at least he knows that his father is still living and that the hearts he touched will always be with him. For a long time, my favorite Tv dad was uncle Phil from the fresh prince of Belair, I would like to add Luke Perry to this list. He was a great onscreen dad and person, I pray that he rest in peace. I thought that this was a graceful way to show respect to the late actor as well as continue the show on a lighter side. I’m more excited to see how the rest of this season will play out especially since future events have been revealed in the previous and latest episodes.


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