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Review of The Resident, Season 2 Episode 17

As QuoVadis secrets are on the brink of coming to light, The Residents of Chastain have to decide between the life of a young man, or Abe, a potential whistleblower for QuoVadis. Marshall plays with fire and might of met his match in Gordon Page

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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 18 Review

After being fired from San Jose, Shaun ends up in hot water after an altercation with a drunk man at a bar. Keeping his own injuries a secret, the team must learn to work without Shaun. Lim and Melendez decide to make their relationship well known, but unexpected opportunities make them question if they will last.

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The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 17 Review

Melendez and Lim’s relationship is gearing up, but when Shaun may have seen them, they begin to question if they should make their relationship public. Meanwhile, Shaun is still trying to get his Residency in Surgery back.

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Review of The Resident, Episode 15 Season 2

“Calling in a favor for a friend, Mina brings in Josephine Okeke, and bringing up secrets from Mina’s past she rather keep buried. Henry returns, sporting some concerning bruises. Are his seizures back? Find out this week!”

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