This holiday seemed to be a lot like the previous holiday Sabrina spent as a kid minus the horrid creatures and demons as we seen in this episode. The episode opened up with a young Sabrina and Susie visiting Santa Claus. All Sabrina wanted was to see her mother again. By the frown on her face, you could tell that she knew that was a wish Santa could not grant for Christmas. This holiday, the Spellman’s celebrated with their newborn family member Leticia. Indeed she is adorable, but she was technically kidnapped and Zelda intended to lie about how she became apart of the family by saying that a long lost family member sent Leticia to her to raise (Zelda is a horrible liar). I wondered if it was going to be the same lie she would tell the church of night. It’s going to be hard to keep the lie going considering the fact that the girl is a twin to the boy, which means that they will look alike, The secret can’t be kept forever, but I guess they will cross that bridge when they get to it and until they will be raising another baby!

A witches holiday is celebrated similar to the mortal’s Christmas, but there are some traditions that are practiced that are different. Hilda proposed that they roast chestnuts, brew apple cider, and watch Christmas movies (classic, this is why I love Hilda). Ambrose proposed to read a Christmas story while Zelda lit Yule log that protects them against harmful creatures from coming down the chimney (I guess that means you too Santa!) This holiday was a little tough for Sabrina because she is still adapting to her new life especially after she signed her name and her closest peers know that she is a witch. She gave Harvey, Roz, and Susie some space so that they would get comfortable accepting that she is a witch, but she craved her mother’s presence more than ever. It’s harder for her to go to her aunts for advice because they wouldn’t understand her relationships with mortals, but luckily Ambrose was there for her.

Sabrina wanted to contact her mother to free her soul the way that she tried to free Tommy ’s. To do this, she retrieved the book of the dead from Ms.Wardwell…..again. Ms.Wardwell worried that her mother might tell her some things that she isn’t supposed to know, but I wondered what would she not want Sabrina to know after completing her mission to get her signature in the book. As a part of contacting her mother, Sabrina thought that if Roz and Susie participated in the seance, that it would make them more comfortable, but it was too soon. I believe her friends and Harvey will always be there for her even if she is a witch from the way that they comforted her in the previous episode. To warm Harvey, Sabrina gifted him with “enchanted” colored pencils that never burned out which he returned later because he didn’t want magic around him because of the Tommy incident. You could tell by the way that they look at each other that they missed each other’s company, but it’s still going to take some time. I like that Sabrina gave Harvey time to heal after everything he went through which is something she should’ve done in the first place. Hopefully, they will be able to resume their relationship in season 2 or start over being truthful.

Things got spooky on the holiday when Susie finally got her dream position as being jingles, but Santa wasn’t so jolly after all. The special dolls that surrounded his chair were the harvest of other children. Meanwhile, Ms.Wardwell attempted to ambush Sabrina’s seance which she got the weird sisters to perform with her, by killing the flame of the yule log in the Spellman’s home. Sabrina’s contact with her mother was didn’t last long because of the interference which created more problems in their home. Without the yule log burning, other spirits were allowed to come into the home to disturb the seance. To see Sabrina contact her mother hurt Zelda in a way she just didn’t know how to express it. Although Sabrina couldn’t help her mother out, she still wanted to help Harvey and his father by making a special kind of eggnog that stopped him from drinking. Hopefully, without alcohol, Harvey and his father can focus on bettering their relationship in honor of Tommy. Other spooky occurrences continued to happen even though the log was lit again. Ambrose started to see a corpse rise again. Knives were misplaced while Hilda prepared supper, and Leticia was relocated many times as a little game. It turned out that the mischief was caused by Gryla’s yule lads raiding the Spellman’s home. To get them out the sisters had to agree to have a drink with Gryla, but before she left the home she was invoked by the sound of Leticia crying. This made Gryla want Leticia because she keeps adding more children to her family, but Sabrina and her mother pulled an old trick to keep her safe by giving Gryla the allusion that she had Leticia but it was actually a stuffed animal. Sabrina eventually received news that Susie was captured by a demon that preys on children and traps their soul in wax. With the help of Gryla, Susie was able to escape with her life. It was when Leticia was almost taken from her that Zelda realized that she could no longer care for her. Zelda decided that it would be safer for her to be under the care if Demelza. Before the episode ended, Sabrina’s mother spirit, visited her one last time. She gave her all of the love and support she couldn’t give her in the flesh. This made her Solstice not so bad as the previous ones. I hope that in season 2 we will see more adventures involving her friends and family without any secrets and as much as I hate to say it I do believe that Zelda is a better guardian for Leticia. As for this season, It has been really exciting, unpredictable, and almost better than the original, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next season.