Its that time of year again, where people are enjoying their holiday. Unfortunately this time of year is not so joyous for others, namely those in retail staff. We found this new holiday special, “Super Black Friday”, to be a fantastic new twist to the season with an already established idea finally showing the other side of the spectrum. Furthermore, we know it is a crazy time of year for many of you fans out their but if possible be sure to support the shows you love.

OK KO (Super Black Friday 1)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

A few years ago, Black Friday use to be about Thanksgiving ( or Shucksgiving as the Ok K.O. world calls it) but in recent years, this event has been more focused on holidays like Christmas. Many people choose to do their holiday shopping during this event because there are actually a few decent sales to be taken advantage of thus the shift from Thanksgiving to Christmas. The whole idea of this episode was to show how people celebrate the holidays different and how someones idea of tradition may not match anothers. For anyone who has had to work some form of customer service during the holidays, this is the holiday special for you.

The story starts out with Carol sitting at a table (clearly set for a holiday dinner) but without K.O. as he has to work the Super Black Friday sale that evening. We are then brought to the plaza where we find our three heroes, Enid, Rad and K.O., getting ready to face the shopping horde. None of these young heroes are happy about having to work during this time of year as they don’t see how Super Black Friday is anything more then corporations taking advantage of consumers. In a surprising (but sadly not likely to happen in real life) twist, Mr. Gar decides to cancel Super Black Friday. Fans also got confirmation that Mr. Gar and Carol are still a couple at this point as he makes his way to her home. Unfortunately, the gangs happiness is short lived as they are unable to get past the crowd to go home.

OK KO (Super Black Friday 3)

Photo Source: Cartoon Network – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Principal Claus (the principal of K.O.’s school) makes an appearance in this episode and does his best to spread cheer. He makes multiple attempts to convince Enid, Rad and K.O. the importance of this occasion by showing how much it means to the plaza goers but they would still rather be home or with friends. Eventually, Mr. Claus enlightens them to this tradition and beats up Shannon and Darrell.

Enid, Rad and K.O. decide to open the bodega to the crowd despite not having to so that they may do their holiday shopping. This is an interesting sale as it only lasts a minute (which makes all their complaining a little silly) so for a few moments we watch our heroes try their best to satisfy the shoppers (which is actually humorous). After the sale ends, Mr. Gar and Carol arrive and they say that they are starting a new tradition of eating pie in the bodega after the sale. This concludes K.O.’s holiday special and we would say it was an interesting one at that.

For us, the highlight of this episode was when Enid states instead of contacting/ going to her family, she would be trying to hang out with Red Action. Enid is by far one of the most popular character on the show but another thing that gets fans attentions is shipping. Enid and Red Action have had many episodes highlighting the bond they share and the fandom has continued to speculate if this is just friendship or if there is potential for a romance (which would be hard considering she is from the future). We just wanted to point this out as fan theories continue to pile up and a new year is around the corner.

Thank you everyone for reading and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season. Be sure to like and comment with your opinions or traditions, stay nerdy. Also if you have not, watch the new episode “Plaza Alone” that recently came out too.