As we found out in the previous two episodes, this Netflix original reboot is no mistake. In the previous episode, we discovered the reason why Sabrina couldn’t commit to the dark baptism, which is from a sea of doubts. In this episode, we saw that Sabrina is disturbed by an allusion of possessions from the Dark Lord. We also learned that her problems just doesn’t involve her half witch life. As usual Principal Hawthorne was up to his ridiculous ruling of the high school. From the previous episodes, I can tell that something isn’t right about Principal Hawthorne. The way he brushes off social issues, especially letting a girl get punched in the face by a football player is ridiculous. Roz serious love for books became even more serious when a classic book is banned from the school. Principal insist that the book is problematic, but that’s what I would like to describe him as very “problematic” considering the fact that he has the power to regulate rules and change the school, but chooses to sit behind a desk and make buffoonish decisions. If I was Sabrina, I would’ve replaced his entire plumbing system with thousands of spiders for having freaked up priorities. Later in this episode, we also found out that the importance of banning the books wasn’t just about controlling what the students read, but it was also about her going blind. Soon Roz’s vision will be no more and that is why she would like to read as many books as she can. The thought of not being able to read a good book sends chills up my spine. It’s truly heartbreaking.

Sabrina took a break from banned book mysteries after she found out that the school had once had a purge of bad books only to find out that she is being trialed in court for abandoning her dark baptism. In other words, she was being sued for a promise she didn’t keep. I don’t like how Zelda doesn’t really show concern for Sabrina like she does the Dark Lord. Sure, that is their anti-higher power, but that’s still her niece and she shouldn’t be shamed for her beliefs. Since Hilda and Zelda are her legal guardians, they were also considered guilty in her dark baptism misfortune. Without powers, they were forced to attend the trial and desperate for redemption for their youth was at stake. Sabrina’s advice to just get it over the lead to her receiving advice from Ambrose. Daniel Webster is known for his miraculous work involving witch laws. With his help, Sabrina was able to stand confidently in court. The most insane part of this trial was being notified if the accused is guilty that he/she would have to burn for 333 days of burning in the pit. Mr.Webster was taught witch law by Sabrina’s father and decided to pay his debt to him by representing his daughter. I didn’t see the point of Zelda making it such a big deal about him being her lawyer when her fate could’ve possibly been 333 days of burning if she doesn’t kiss the Dark Lord’s rear end like Zelda does.

During the trial, we found out that Sabrina’s name was signed in the Book Of Beast when she was born in exchange of The Dark Lord’s blessing to marry Sabrina’s mother who is a mortal. It was the reason why everyone was pushing her to sign her name in the book so that it would be as if she is fully committing to it. I believe that the only reason why she showed up to the altar in the first place is that she had her aunties and Ms.Wardwell in her ear telling her that it is her parent’s wishes. I think she is very brave for forging her own path and standing on her own beliefs. It’s ironic how Sabrina and Harvey are constantly being forced to live a life they don’t want. While in class, Sabrina was led by the positive Ms.Wardwell and found out about some disgusting things involving Daniel, which made Sabrina question his desire to help. Because Sabrina’s mother and aunt Hilda witnessed her Catholic baptism before her name was signed in the book, Sabrina Spellman didn’t commit a crime or fully commit a life of living in the path of night. The Dark Lord agreed to give Sabrina her freedom to be with her mortal friends if she attends their school. I thought that Sabrina deserved to get the best of both worlds from her dedication to being a good witch and a great friend. At this point in the episode, the Spellman sister had lost color in their hair and tightness in their skin. Without powers, they look like some ugly witches. The youth was restored as well as the power to the Spellman name.