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The Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina S2 Chapter 15: “Doctor Cerberu’s House Of Horror” Review

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Tarot Reader Ms. McGarvey

On this episode of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, a mysterious tarot card reader entered the book shop and turned the residents of Greendale world’s upside down. I found it crazy how Hilda and her boss just let this woman set up shop in their shop when she was just trying to escape the harshness of the rain. I also thought it was crazy how she read fortunes for free! If I had a gift like that, I’m charging you to tell you your future! No one even bothered to tip her after offering a free reading. No one personally knew her or where she came from, but they trusted her and I don’t know why.

Sabrina’s Truth

Sabrina questioned her new relationship with Nick since she is continuing to go on this dark path, but doesn’t know if it’s safe to trust him. The card reading awoke a jealous trait out of Sabrina after witnessing a vision of Nicolas way of wooing the ladies at the Academy. Nicolas performed stage magic inviting all of the weird sisters up as their assistance, but Sabrina had enough. She volunteered for his last act, but the result was a frozen death. Deep down inside we know that Sabrina believes that she enjoys Nick. The cards just pushed her to ensure that she has him all to herself. It was also revealed that Nick was in a polygamous relationship with the weird sisters which made Sabrina insecure. He had the best of all world’s being with three women at one time, so it made her uneasy wondering if one was enough. Eventually, she asked Nick to stop seeing the weird sisters. I just hope that he will honor her wishes because the weird sisters can be alluring and provoking.


In the previous eisode, we witnessed the heartwarming transformation of Theo. I  think the buzz cut and new clothing fits him well, but he believed that there was one thing missing.  To erase all feminine qualities that were left Theo was told by her ancestor to sneak in the Spellmans home to cast a gender spell on himself. Although the spell did work and he was rewarded with a muscular body and masculine voice, he had to pay the price for stealing. Hilda was able to help him with his tree forming body, but Theo came to his sense that it wasn’t right when his body became a reverse Pinocchio transformation. I don’t think there is nothing wrong with Theo expressing who he is on the inside. It’s beautiful, but whatever he does to himself, I would enjoy seeing him happy.


Ros’s vision continued to get worse, but there was hope that she would be able to see again after an expensive surgery. The tarot reader revealed the horrors behind actually being able to see. When Ros informed her father that she would like to go through with the surgery, her father took donations from the church to make it happen. Ros felt guilty for taking money that her father conceived out of the church, so she decided to volunteer to help those who can’t see. She was surprised to see a young girl with no eyes who insisted that her father took hers. This made Ros realize that taking money from the church was wrong and that getting the operation would make her feel guilty if she didn’t earn it. I love Ros as a character and it breaks my heart to see a fellow bookworm with no sight. I’m actually surprised that Sabrina didn’t cast a spell to cure her, but who knows what may be in her future.


Harvey’s tarot reading was by far the scariest of them all. A vision of Harvey going to an art school away from Greendale became an instant nightmare. His roommate was a fellow artist who seen the same demons that Harvey seen in the mines, but they actually speak to them. At night the demons speak to him through painting. Unsure of what this meant his roommate eventually couldn’t take the madness and restless nights. One day Harvey walked into one of the most heartbreaking scenes of them all. His roommate committed suicide at the hands of those same demons that haunt Harvey. When asked if it was his future, the tarot reader replied by saying it’s a warning. It was suggested that Harvey should pursue his dreams in Greendale. I agreed with her because Harvey and Ros make a cute couple and she is very sweet to him.

Yay Or Nay?

I really didn’t care for this episode as much as the others because I was thrown off by Ms.Wardwell’s intentions. I get that she wanted to scare everybody a little bit, but the visions weren’t even that scary. I also think that this episode could’ve been a great Netflix special for Halloween much like the one that was created for Christmas. I’m also saying Nay to this episode because it was more of a series of Tales than an episode, again it was formatted much like the Christmas special. I’m used to each episode tying into the previous one and since Ms.Wardwell was with her fiance in the previous episode it made no sense how this one tied into that. I love how Ms.Wardwell disguised herself as an old hag when she really looks worse than an old hag underneath that skin haha! I hope that the next episode will be more related to the “Lupercalia” episode and Sabrina will continue to be a badass. Till next episode!

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