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The Resident Season 2 Episode 9 Review

Conrad's father, Marshall, is hospitalized, Dr. Bell and Lane Hunter talk, Julian is trying to get to the bottom of what QuoVadis . Did I mention it is also Devon's wedding?

Hello, and welcome back to The Resident. Being the last episode of 2018, I figured well will dive right in. Yes, I use that phrase a lot… sorry. Oh, wow. This episode starts on Devon’s wedding, and he calls Julian. He explains Priya took the job in California, and he is staying here. He touches Julian’s elbows, but she pulls away, refusing to be the cause of a wedding falling through. It turns out Julian is leaving Atlanta, and quitting QuoVadis. He is reluctant to let her go, stating everything is falling apart. Julian agrees.

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The wedding begins, and we get to meet Devon’s mother, who seems to pick up on her son’s reluctant. Irving and Brad are in the wedding, but as it seems to be a tradition Indian wedding, I don’t know if Groomsmen are the right term. Irving is the Best man, and is in charge of the rings. He admits Devon doesn’t seem ok… and there is a getaway car if he needs it. Before he can say anything, Devon’s mother comes in. She talks about being trapped when she was first married, because it was an arranged marriage. And, there was someone else in her life. She loves her husband now, but some nights, she would stay up, thinking of the other boy. She wants Devon to marry the woman who has his heart. She admits she hopes it is Priya, but only to become wedded as long as he is happy.  Slowly, the staff of Chastain trickle in, and the doctors all turn off their phones.. and then Irving walks in, asking where Devon is. Turns out he went to see Priya. He admits his feelings for Julian, and how he cannot marry her when he has feelings for someone else. Priya is pissed, stating she is humiliated. She kicks him out, stating she never wants to see him again. Devon walks in front of the wedding party, and seeing everyone but the member of the hospital are left, I am sure you can understand how the speech went.

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Mina and Nic approach Dr. Bell and Marshall, to show the community clinic they want to open up in Chastain’s name. They got a building for free, but as they are showing the building, Marshall collapses. Luckily, they are literally across the street. He wants to go to Atlantic General, and admits he has Chron’s. After he is admitted, and decides to stay, he asks to speak with Conrad alone. Dr. Simmons is his doctor, and Marshall asks Conrad to take a step back, and whatever happens, he cannot be a burden, nor wants Conrad to take care of him. Conrad says it is what he does. After his scans come in, he is talking with Simmons about a potential obstruction. They hope to have a surgery as soon as possible, the next day. He gives Conrad medical power of attorney. Conrad is shaken. Before Devon’s wedding, they talk, with Conrad asking who left who. Turns out Conrad’s mother fell in love with the next door neighbor. She left Marshall, but her lover, who was married, stayed with his own wife. Marshall admits it was his own fault, he was very busy. Conrad admits to having nightmares, of her falling down the stairs. He asks if he father ever hit his mother, which he instantly denies the claim. I personally wouldn’t trust Marshall’s side of the story, but Conrad accepts it.. for now. While everyone is at the wedding, Mr. Winthrop starts vomiting, and his bowel is perforating. Dr. Bell is called, as everyone else is off for the wedding.

Conrad has a patient with a heart murmur, making him slow down and be out of breath. He is into carpentry, and volunteer work. I bet he will help Nic and Mina’s project.  Dr. Austin says he can schedule the operation for this afternoon, if he wanted to. The daughter is reluctant, having admitted she lost her mother as a child and her own son loves her father dearly. Dr. Austin and Mina are in surgery with the patient, and Conrad is told the patient is doing well in surgery.

Dr. Bell meets with his lawyer, and he explains how Dr. Hunter is blackmailing him, for bond, and a good lawyer. He later calls Gordon Page, asking for the half a million dollars to bail Hunter out. Gordon merely says.. ok, will advance you the money, and talk later. “There are so many ways a high profile doctor can help QuoVadis.” The lawyer is worried because part of the money deal is Dr. Bell will be linked with QuoVadis for quite a bit. Dr. Bell points out all the other people on the Chair, senators and an astronaut, and the lawyer merely asks if any of them know anything about medical devices.

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Julian ends up at a public showing of QuoVadis’ office to many potential investors. All throughout the scenes, you can see her looking for errors. Even as a general mentions all parts must be made in the USA, and Gordon swears they are. Julian admits to Gordon she is impressed with the Labs, and then he leaves her alone in the office.She rushes, and steals his phone, and then goes to the lab, where Gordon’s phone. She realizes it was all at set up. She is clearly shaken. At least she was smart enough to steal the phone so if anyone questions her afterwards, she can present it. She calls FDA, and admits she knows QuoVadis is engaged in a wide range fraud. She admits she needs a whistle blower status, and can get evidence. He tells her the office is closing soon, but he can meet her since he is from the area. I am worried on who Gordon has in his pockets, as the FDA guy says he is familiar with the company when Julian calls….. and a vehicle pulls up, a man stepping out saying Gordon Page would like to talk to her. Mark Truscott, the FDA agent, and Gordon went to school together. He admits to having a few people in the FDA with stakes in QuoVadis. She points out every issue with QuoVadis, from the device in Henry never being tested on anyone, to the lab being faked. Gordon says she is not a team player. Julian explains she signed a Nondisclosure contract, and if he let her go, she will disappear. As she is returned to her car, she realizes she is being followed. Scared, she goes into the wrong lane, and swerves into a ditch.

And that is the last scene we shall see of The Resident until 2019. I am sure Julian is fine, will be rushing into the hospital where she isn’t sure who she should trust and talk to, but Devon will try and start a relationship. I also predict in the next 3 episodes, Mina and AJ will come close to a kiss, but stop, right before… And Micah will suffer a heart issue in 5 or 6 episodes. Here is to 2019, regular posts, and a new beginning.. Until next time, Stay shiny!

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