After the feast of feast catastrophy, Sabrina wasn’t focused on food, instead, she fasted. Ambrose, however, was in a more cheerful mood than ever, but Sabrina didn’t know why. She was supposed to go on a movie date with Harvey, but instead, she received news about an accident in the mines. As Zelda said, Sabrina had to pray to Satan that Harvey was okay. The accident left the town in an uproar, bodies were carried away on stretchers, citizens scrambled to find out who was injured, and Sabrina could barely breathe without knowing if Harvey was okay. Luckily, the handsome teen only suffered a burn on his forehead (It’s okay girls, he’s still fine). Unfortunately, Harvey’s brother was trapped under rocks and couldn’t be reduced because he couldn’t fit through the crawl space to save him. Susie’s bravery and small body weren’t able to retrieve any survivors, but she did retrieve Tommy’ helmet which was covered in blood and dents indicating that he didn’t survive. At this point in the episode, I felt like Tommy didn’t make it, but Harvey and his father didn’t want to accept it. Without Tommy, Harvey is left to fend for himself against his father. When Harvey’s dad didn’t believe in his dreams, Tommy did and I believe that’s what kept Harvey strong and motivated. He acknowledged the fact that Harvey was different and that’s why he didn’t encourage him to dedicate his life to digging in the mines. I could only imagine how much pressure is going to be on Harvey without the help of his brother.

Zelda and Ambrose had to be the bearer of bad news after Sabrina returned from comforting Harvey. Being a witch comes with its ups and downs as we continue to see in this season, but Sabrina was caught in between telling the truth and knowing the truth. Ambrose informed Sabrina that there weren’t any survivors in the mines, but she isn’t allowed to share the information because of how they were informed would also expose the coven. If the witches interfere, bad things will continue to happen even though I couldn’t picture anything worse than Harvey losing his mind over the loss of his brother. Harvey’s father eventually, called off the search for Tommy which causes Harvey to bring a storm of anger to Sabrina. His father rushed a funeral service so that she could collect his insurance money, but despite what Harvey said, I believed that his father is grieving in his own way. I think his father chooses to be tough on him so that he would change his mind about wanting to be a comic book artist instead of working in the mines. I wouldn’t be able to keep my composer knowing that my child died in a tragic way, but Mr.Kinkle sure does a good job at keeping it together. I thought it was really sweet of Sabrina to cast a spell that gave Harvey strength to say his speech at the service, it shows she is supportive and overall just an amazing girlfriend.

During Tommy’s funeral service, his dad commented that Tommy loved the mines. This sparked a quarrel between Harvey and his dad because he knew that Tommy sacrificed his own dreams, just so that he could come true. I never knew his father was so evil until he told Harvey “It should’ve been you”. I wonder what makes Mr.Kinkle act so hateful to his own son. The way his father attempted to strike him, brought back memories of my own angry parent. Sabrina knew that Harvey couldn’t survive in a house with his father alone, so she went to talk to Ms.Wardwell about possibly bringing him back to life. There is no way around bringing back the dead without consequences, so Sabrina was adviced to not interfere in mortal affairs…..again. I love that she is so caring that she would do whatever it takes to take Harvey’s pain away, it shows that she has real love for him, but I didn’t think she should’ve kept pushing the envelope after the many times she has exposed her family to Church Of Night as a disgrace for not practicing the ways of being a witch.

Also, in this episode, things got steamy between Father Blackwood and Zelda. Zelda wanted to simply confess her shortcomings to the Dark Lord’s will, but Father Blackwood took advantage of it and took her in for a make-out session. I found it ironic how Zelda felt so comfortable confiding in the Church Of Night priest who had so much scandalous news coming out about him. It’s distasteful that she submitted to the witch manwhore, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Zelda. She acts like a sheep and no matter what anyone says she continues to be that way. For her to criticize her family as much as she does, she sure has her nerve locking lips with a married priest. It looks like witches aren’t any better than the people who serve the “false god”. What a hypocrite, if she keeps it up, she will end up pregnant too.

Sabrina was told by Roz that she had a vision that two girls were playing with dolls (voodoo dolls to be exact) when she picked up Tommy’s hat. Sabrina suspected that the weird sisters would be the ones who would go after the Kinkle men, but Ms.Wardwell killed that suspicion in a conversation. Prudence wasn’t involved, but I didn’t think that the other two would think to do such a thing without leadership. In the previous episode, the weird sisters were introduced to Harvey who comes from a family of witch hunters. This had to cause the weird sisters to take action, but Harvey didn’t die because Sabrina placed a protection spell over him. I wondered if Roz possessed the third eye, but is known as a cunning. She reminds me of an upgrade Raven Baxter from ‘That’s So Raven’. Her vision could be helpful to the witches in the future which could cause them to form a secret alliance away from The Church Of Night.

Sabrina went badass on the weird sisters for killing Tommy. Agatha was the one who proposed the Kinkle brothers death so she was Sabrina’s main target. Sabrina slapped the sh** out of her for saying that she wished both brothers would’ve died. Sabrina then sacrificed Agatha so that Tommy could live again. I thought that I would never see Sabrina commit such brutality, but it finally happened. Her plan was so genius it almost had me fooled, much like Hilda, Agatha was killed and brought back to life to be reminded to not step outside of their boundaries and expose their coven again. After Agatha rose from the grave, Sabrina started the countdown till Tommy would rise again. Ambrose warned her that her tactics have gone too far. He felt that in a way, she was trying to cheat fate. I actually agreed with Ambrose this times because in many ways Sabrina always wants her cake and want to eat it too. She wants Harvey to be happy, but instead to accepting Tommy’s death and helping Harvey get through it she chooses to go against the rules for his happiness which is sweet, but also selfish. Even though she tried to carry out the ritual the legal way, I didn’t feel like she needed to go that far, that’s why we love her though. At the end of the episode, we saw a mysterious figure at the Kinkel’s front door who appeared to be Tommy. This scene was extremely creepy but built momentum. Sabrina did a good deed, but from the sound of the knocks, he didn’t sound happy to be home.