That’s right, we aren’t burying the lead: The Magicians Season 3 comes to Netflix December 24th. You can catch up on seasons 1 and 2 by rewatching them on Netflix, or refresh your memory by skimming through our season 2 recaps or our original season 3 primer! To get the full “new show” effect as if these are truly new episodes, and savoring the full experience how the rest of us did, watch the trailer as it aired last winter before the seasons original run on Syfy!

Easily the best season to date with notably impactful episodes that received rave reviews [from us and other outlets] you will want to make sure you’re in the proper headspace to absorb episodes 5 and 8….and probably all the other ones too, but those were easily our favorites of the season.

The Magicians – Syfy [gif by Michael DeWitt @ The Game of Nerds]

So get your questing faces on (and check out the other fun gifs I made throughout the season)!
With 13 episodes and averaging 43 minutes per episode, season 3 of The Magicians should take about 9 and a half hours to binge once it is posted to Netflix! Whoch should be easy to squeeze in before the season 4 premiere on January 23rd!