The Magicians: Word as Bond

After last week’s group bank heist we are back to the usual setup of multiple storylines, but they made up for it with the (presumably) the biggest cgi budget for an episode since the battle with the Beast!

The Alice and Quentin storyline is great as their Word as Bond they made for the bank heist leads to an hour of her taking control of his body and him not remembering any of it (and trying to figure out what she’s doing for those hours)

One of the best parts comes from Alice bargaining with the angler demon (an evil little girl creepier playing in a playground at night with the world’s weirdest lighting.

Their journey leads to Alice finding and tricking Q into summoning the niffin of a monk (super creepy) that couldn’t be boxed (he’s super smart and Alice wanted to find and work with him).  He doesn’t respond well to that or that gif and says she needs to get out of the weak Magician by herself (to prove herself?). He wasn’t a very nice monk.


Penny finally incepts Q (after Kady knocks him when he’s acting weird) and they find out Alice is inside of him.  And Penny returns to the Netherlands library looking for Mayakovsky’s book, and is presented with a offer to join the library system and they’ll fix his hands tho (the contract sucks tho) but he eventually takes the same –so keep an eye out for that storyline and how it interplays with him telling Kady he loves her.


Margo spends the episode trying to heal Eliot and succeeds by the end of the episode and the king is back.

A bubbly, shadeless Julia spent most of the episode in Fillory (after Q rescues her from Reynard by popping her our with the button).  While their she acts an embassador for Fillory the appeal to the the Dryads who were blocking the path of the war on the Lorians.


In the most Julia fashion she delivers a special box as a peace offering to the sexist male Dryad (irony) to take back and reconsider letting Fillory through their forest


Did we mention it was a bomb? Because it was a bomb. Margo was furious at the diplomacy of it all and banishes Julia the the dungeon, but not before Julia had made a shady shameless backwoods deal to get an amulet that will hide her from Reynard.

We have a pool running on how long that dungeon will hold her, the average bet being the middle of the next episode

Fun fact: they had Stella base her transition on how the Beast acted (since he was also shadelss)

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  1. The dagger NiffinAlice uses to threaten the AnglerDemon is the same dagger called “The Fangs of the Serpent” in Conan the Barbarian. King Oserick the Usurper says it was thrust into the heart of a father by his very son. Nasty piece of work that.

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