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The Magicians “Be the Penny” S3:E4 Review

If you’ve been missing Penny while he was on his death bed then you’re in luck! He has finally died and is now super active on the astral plane, spends the whole episode trying to contact his friends from the other other side, and the entire episode is told from his perspective.

The Magicians – Syfy

Penny does meet a new friemd, Hyman, a perverted student who also died while astral projecting in the early 1900’s [he was a peeping projector and someone hid his body while he was being naughty]. The two don’t necessarily hit it off, and Hyman isn’t the smartest, most helpful, best named, or most talented Magician. He teaches Penny that if he focuses on an object he can inhabit it, henve “Be the Penny”, and not my preferred episode title of “Take a Penny, Leave a Penny”.

The Magicians – Syfy

It did however lead to Penny inhabiting the Margolem in an attempt to communicate, which ended badly when Penny couldn’t talk properly as it amd Quentin took a bat and treated him like a piñata.

Kady and Alice pal up in a rare show when the Library sends an agent and says that Penny didn’t show up in thr underworld but their female corpse eater could eat him to bring his soul into the underworld, which Alice is for because it would provide closure amd help Pemny who they assume is stuck. Kady however wants to burn his body, making him permanently stuck but not a slave to “the people that killed him.” Near the end of the episode Pennytakes matters into his own hands and inhabits the flame and sets his own body on fire, contrary to the girls’ final decision.

Things take a turn for the better when Quentin and Julia decode the clues to the next key with help.of thr Fillory books. Rupert Chatwin had brought a key back to Earth anf gave it to his “friend” at a magic school in America. Coincidentally, that “friend” is now the ghost that haunts the school and had previously terrorized astral Hyman–meaning Pemny could ask the ghostfor help. This plan ultimately proved fruitless as the ghosts wouldn’t cooperate, but the ghostly flashback did reveal the ghost was Rupert Chatwin’s lover and provided a little fan service and fun history.
The Magicians – Syfy
Dean Fogg reports the schoolboard has sold Brakebills, but he does help them meet with the family of thr ghost who still have the key, and Julia retrieves it, unaware thst fairies are watching her, but Penny sees them.
The Magicians – Syfy
This key’s trick is unveiling truth, and it allows the group to unveil Penny when one of them holds it. When Elliot, Fen, and Fray find their way back to Brakebills after an unforgivable example of told-not-shown retelling of their journey to the frozen Neitherlands and being chased by cannibals they unexplicably escape back to Earth. This is the only section that felt like poor writing this season, and I hope it doesn’t happen again. Elliot is the one that sees Penny first when holding the key.

Also this episode, Margo anounces her plans to overthrow the queen and maim her and make her an example to the other fairies. The real fun will come next week when she gets back to Whitespire, Alice and Julia team up, and Quentin and Elliot go on a quest together, so don’t miss it!

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