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The Magicians Return to SYFY For Season 4 Wednesdays Starting January 23rd

The Magicians are back! Returning January 23rd at 10pm for an action-packed season 4 where they will once again have to save magic – but this time the stakes are somehow even higher.
The Magicians – SYFY

Coming a month after season 3 comes to Netflix on December 24th, we will spare you any big spoilers or theories and let you catch up yourself with a rewatch, but a general overview: we have space, regulated magic; a totalitarian state; identity crisis for our heroes; and a terrifying monster residing in Elliot hunting for the rest of our unsuspecting heroes – and he isn’t here to play.

The Magicians – SYFY

The trailer has us beyond hyped, as this season will see the return of the FULL cast and will be an action packed 13 episodes similar to past seasons. You can keep up with the community on the r/Brakebills subreddit, or by following @magicianssyfy (the cast is decent about live tweeting!), and of course, I’ll be here weekly with recaps/reviews/gifs/general gushing. Oh and don’t miss out on the physicalkidsweekly podcast – fan-made program that scores interviews with the cast and writers, it’s definitely worth tuning in for!

The Magicians – SYFY

Don’t stress if you don’t have cable – you can also purchase the episodes on Amazon, YouTube, or Syfy’s website! You van even watch via Sling!, but don’t expect the season to come to Netflix until December 2019!

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