Being the last episode of 2018, let us go ahead, and dive right in. Melendez and Lim both wake up in bed together, blaming Andrews and the bourbon. They both seem to have had fun, but agree it shouldn’t happen again. I like their chemistry, and hope it happens again. Haven’t seen Melendez’ ex-fiance, Jessica, all season.

Christmas is in the air, and let me tell you, Shaun seems very confused. At first I thought it was Christmas music he mentioned about hearing, but when he is distracted a second time, he is staring at the lights. Before I go further into the episode- my thoughts! Patients are becoming sick due to a rare illness that is triggered by high electromagnetic fields. EMFs happen all the time, created by most electronic devices or power surges, though they usually cause paranoia but physical issues sometimes pop up. My 2 cents. Back to the show- Shaun deals with the buzzing again, this time, it is keeping him from thinking around an illness. Usually, Shaun is really good at finding odd solutions, but the buzzing keeps distracting him. Another distraction is Glassman has an appointment, and Shaun was supposed to drop him off. Luckily, Lea is free, and goes to do it. Aaron wants to go to the hospital, to help, but Lea refuses. The buzzing affects Shaun a 4th time as Kellan begins to have an Asthma attack. Glassman has some imaging done, but takes them, claiming he is visiting Blaize that night. It seems the cancer is back.

gd 2.10.2

Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Two patients come in from the airport, just arrived from Malaysia. Before they even get a chance, Lim most call time of death on one of the patients, before Shaun notices a rash on both patients. Could be an infectious disease. While talking to the surviving patient, Shaun and Lim realize the two passengers never were in contact, and the disease could be airborne, and everyone could of been infected. Lim calls Andrews, who decides to call Public Health Department, because they aren’t sure if it is airborne or not. A total quarantine of the hospital could be bad if it is a false alarm, panic and denial of health care, but to not quarantine and cause patients to become ill because of contact is just as bad. Later, Shaun notices the paramedic who brought the patients in has the same rash. Before they get far, the second patient passes away as well. Andrews decides to do a soft quarantine, diverge all ambulances, try and stop walk ins, stall all discharges. Andrews is meeting with the Health Department and Lim is trying to keep patients happy from the inside. One patient is a young mother, who cut her hand while working on the crib. The paramedic becomes worse, and the quarantine is been approved. Lim takes charge, goes to the waiting room and explains what is going on. Shaun and Morgan are with her. She was smart enough to grab a sleep inducing medicine, and as someone tries to break a window, she puts him under. A distraught man, Clifton, comes storming in while Park is watching his son, demanding to see his wife, Viola. The woman from earlier, with a cut from the crib. She calms him down by revealing he will have a son. As Clif walks away, she loses it, knowing she may die, but her son lives.

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Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Park, Claire and Melendez have a patient, Chris, has leukemia, who is getting a marrow donation from his biological father, who actually walked out on the patient when he was 4. Suddenly, Melendez notices his patient is having a heart attack, a byproduct of the leukemia. Park’s son Kellan visits, and you can tell Park and his son are not really close. Nice shout out to Rick and Morty, though. Sadly, he went downstairs at the worst time, caught in the quarantine. Lim calls Park to explain. Chris is hit with several radiations to remove the leukemia and lower his risk of stroke or heart attack, but also seriously compromised his immune system. With a hospital on lock down.. not good. The donor, Chris’ father, still hasn’t shown up, and Park asks a friend to do a wellness check. As the news breaks about the quarantine, Park finds out Kellan is down there. He talks to his son through the door, Park wondering why he was downstairs, and how he must be scared, but Kellan denies it, walking away. Chris’ father turns out to be stuck in Quarantine, and was the unruly man Lim dosed up and put to sleep. Because of the lock down, Chris needs another donor. Is not as great of a match, but Chris decides against it, rather wait for his father, but wants to sign a Do Not Resuscitate form. Claire and Melendez brainstorms, and Claire mentions extending the quarantine to include Chris, and have a doctor in the lock down do the transplant. If it works, Chris will get better. Otherwise, the disease that caused the lock down could kill him. When Melendez approaches Andrews, he notices Lim is on lock down. Not sure if he knows she is the only living infected person. Anyways, Chris passes away, but Melendez ignores the DNR and tries to bring him back.

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Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

Morgan is called in on her day off by a paramedic named Tyler. She asks him how he knew she was in town, and after a very large, awkward silence, he admits he guessed based on her personality she would tell her family she had to work. Morgan seems impressed. The patient, a young man named Santa Pete who works in a mall with a stomach ache, says he seems like a good listener. Suddenly, Shaun grabs our young paramedic.  Even as they quarantine the paramedic into isolation, he asks Morgan out to Italian, or sushi. He admits how smart and gorgeous she is, but even though he would want to drink, he would keep a sober head to dazzle her. She counters with he can have one after the appetizers. I think he will be dead by the end of the episode, but brought back. Anyways, Tyler develops a fever, locking down the hospital waiting area, and Santa Pete has a sigmoid volvulus, and needs surgery. Shaun notes his call ended 37 minutes ago, and he needs to be someplace else. Because of the lockdown, they cannot operate on Santa Pete. Shaun seems very shaken, the buzzing of the lights messing with him a bit as they try and brainstorm how to help. A nurse mentions an enema, it might remove the obstruction and untwist the bowel. At first, it is painful, but after a few minutes, Santa feels quite good. Tyler is fading, asking what to expect next. Morgan distracts him, mentioning going to archery as a first date, and Tyler says it sounds like a great reason to live.  He decides he wants to call his mother, to let her know what was going on, but doesn’t want to worry her. While discussing the best approach for Tyler, Lim notices she is infected too, and instantly quarantines herself. That leaves Shaun and Morgan, a security guard, and a nurse to try and run things. While in the isolation room,Tyler crashes. They can’t bring him back, and Morgan has a small mental breakdown. Santa Pete’s obstruction returns, but they cannot operate. Luckily for Shaun, Melendez and Claire need an operation room as well, so might influence Andrews to agree. Nope- Shaun is making an OR with Lim able to observe while in isolation. They have no way to suction the blood well, or cauterize the bleeding if they cut too deeply, and Lim refers to it as Combat style. is pulled away, and Morgan must do the surgery herself. Halfway through, Lim passes out.

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Source: American Broadcasting Company for The Good Doctor.

And that is it. The episode ends with Park beating on the quarantine door, Lim is passed out, Melendez and Claire resurrecting a patient with a DNR, Santa Pete is slowly bleeding out, Glassman is looking at his cancer returning, and Shaun is curled up on the floor. THAT IS HOW WE END FOR WINTER BREAK. I really am sorry this season, the episode reviews have not been weekly, but with the beginning of the New Year, everything should return to normal. But until then, like Park, we are sitting on one side of the glass, waiting to see what happens on the other side… hoping it is a Christmas miracle. But, for now, I wish you all a happy holidays, and until next year, I hope you will all stay Shiny!